Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Recap....

Well, it is Tuesday (already), but I wanted to share my weekend before we were on our way to the next weekend of events :)

Saturday, was the year end team party for Robert's (older son) hockey team. The day was beautiful - upper 70s & sunny - perfect for an outdoor get together. It was held at the coach's house - they have
a pool & outdoor "non-ice" hockey rink. It was the first time that the boys have seen eachother since we were in North Carolina for Nationals the first week in April - so they had an awesome time playing in the pool & the upstairs computer game room. The grown ups all gathered around all the food...which is typical it seems at functions like this (which I enjoy way more than I ought to...and that is why I need a day or two to recoup). We gave the coaches their gifts of the photo books - which they really loved; as they opened them up to look at all the photos and comment on all the activities the team participated it over the season. My co-manager and I were showered with gifts of gratitude also. I received a beautiful orchid plant (like the one pictured on the post...so, camera was out of batteries so I cheated with some clip art), a couple gift certificates to Norstrom's, a gift certificate for Southwest Airlines and a windchime with a hockey theme. It was bittersweet to be there - I am glad that the season is over and my plate of responsiblities is basically empty, but in a "strange" way I love to be team manager and do all the "behind the scene" work required. I guess, just like the boys, it is good to get a little break before the next season starts up.

Well that activity started my mother's day weekend with a bang! Sunday was nice - just very low key...which I really liked. Robert made me a mother's day card and organized a morning welcome in the kitchen with his card and cut roses (which came from the backyard). Matthew (younger brother) took some of the petals that fell from a rose and scattered it around the breakfast area. I don't do big breakfasts, just typically munch on fruit while the boys eat...but we were all downstairs as a family. After breakfast, DH took them to hockey which went from 9:45am-2pm...and I got the house all to myself. I used that time to get in some exercise (which I needed after eating 1/2 plate of chocolate chip cookies at the team party) and to stitch. I worked on my UFO: Hockey Rivalry for a while until it was time to clean up and leave myself.

For my mother's day gift - I drove to my favorite LNS, Needle in a Haystack...which isn't very local for it is a 45-60minute drive. But the drive there with the windows up and the breeze blowing was nice. I
got to the store just as it opened (1pm) and was there until 3pm. I got to view the Laura J. Perin trunk show and got a couple of her patterns: the first is the "Lone Star House" from the American House Series and "Sawtooth" from her American Quilt Series. I have not really done canvas work - done some of the canvas stitches on linen, but I love the things that she designs and felt the "need" to have these projects to put on my list "one of these days". Any way...I did end up with a few Lizzie*Kate projects in my basket and some over-dyed thread to kit those and a couple other L*K designs for exchanges and a friends birthday gift. Anyway...I walked out of NiaH relaxed and excited to get home and stitch.

After another beautiful drive home, I was greeted with a napping husband and the boys on the computers (one actually doing homework and the other playing a game). But I didn't expect anything more - so it gave me time to pick up on Hockey Rivalry (after I finish the other little boy in the picture, I will post a status photo). We did have a very nice dinner all together to finish off the day/weekend...grilled Salmon and Halibut with fresh asparagus and a salad...the boys added macaroni & cheese to theirs.

It was a wonderful weekend. At the end of this week, I will be travelling to Minnesota to see my family. I have 2 younger sisters, and the one that is in the middle decided to go back to school and get her masters in human resources, which she did and is graduating this coming weekend. So, I am going there to surprise her (I don't think that she reads my blog) and watch her graduation ceremony.

Well...this certainally has gone on too long...if you made it this far I thank you! Remember...Live, Laught, Love and Stitch often! Lisa


Carol R said...

I made a return visit - nice blog - I'll be back for future visits!

I have been looking at Laura J's patterns on Coni's blog and although I haven't done any canvas work, I must admit I am tempted.

And NIAH is your 'not so' LNS - what I would give to go there and then visit with Edgar and Valerie - maybe one day!

valerie said...

Sounds like a fabulous Mothers' Day! I'm glad you made it to NiaH and found some stash. I think I am on a stash diet for a little while! =) Hope you have a safe trip to Minnesota for your sister's graduation. Congratulations to her!

CindyMae said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! The weather sounds fantastic!!! congrats to your sister and how awesome is it that you will be there to watch!!