Thursday, May 7, 2009

Responsiblity plate is managable...right now!

Good morning-afternoon or evening...whatever time it is when you read this post. Currently it happens to be 4:45am on Thursday morning, as I was able to get this ol' body out of bed and on the exercycle for some exercise before the "real" day starts. Today I am going on a field trip with my 4th grade son. They have been studying California history, which always ends with a trip to Sacramento...the capitol, the old city and a few museams & shoppes. Matthew & his class have been prepping to be the "tour guides" for the capital - which is where this field trip will be focusing. I look forward to listening to his presentation about the assembly room and a few other places around the capitol grounds. The bus leaves the school at 8am and returns around 3pm - the bus ride is about 2 hours one way (so I am planning to bring a stitching project to do on the bus). I have my camera, so I will probably bore you with some photos and stories tomorrow of the trip.

Anyway, this has been the week of Teacher Appreciation - which is now totally complete and thus my list of commitments has lessen (yahoo). The Teacher appreciation week, started out on Sunday with the decorating of the door (which was highlighted in the last post). My 4th grade son and I were the only ones to show up, but I had 90% of it prepped and glued on so it didn't take too long (and I have been down this road before so I knew what to expect). Then Monday morning, I informed the teacher that I would bring the kids into the classroom when the morning bell rung and she was suppose to stay in the room to greet the kids. The first child in line brought in a glass vase w/water and all but 2 followed with various flowers for her. The last two brought her special Teacher "thank you" book and the "gift card bouquet". I always let the kids take the gifts to the teacher - for it is them that need to do the thanking :). Since we have a job share situation this year, I decided to repeat this morning "flower/gift" parade for the other teacher on Tuesday. Both enjoyed the shower of flowers and the gifts. I always enjoy organizing it and doing the projects for it...but I also look forward to it being done!

Now...with this major roomparent responsibility complete...and the hockey season done, thus the team manager responsibilities complete (team party is this Saturday, but I delegated the party details to a few other hockey moms) plate of volunteer projects is looking very manageable. Right now my only "committed" projects consist of my Friendship RR and several exchanges...which seem very managable (as they are spread throughout the spring/summer and maybe beyond).
What have I been stitching on...I have been working on:
  1. my Prairie Schooler Exchange (which is due out of here no later than June 1)
  2. my UFO: Hockey Rivalry - which I promise to take a photo of and post my progress
  3. the Friendship RR - I received Willeke's and will work on it over the weekend, making sure that it is in the mail by Friday, May 15 (to keep on schedule)
Sorry for rambling feels so good to have all these big commitments done. I enjoy doing them, but by the end of the hockey season/school year, I tend to get worn down and just need some "time off" from them to enjoy some "me" time and "family" time.

So, until next time (with photo of the field trip & stitching projects)...remember:
Live, Love, Laugh....and stitch often! Lisa

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CindyMae said...

It is always a nice feeling when things start slowing down after being so busy!