Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back to "normal"...whatever that means?!?!

Well, the Mr. and Mrs. Frog stayed through dessert on Memorial Day - which I guess was a piece of humble pie and chocolate ice cream - but things are back on track with the Prairie Schooler Exhchange project. I am now about 90% complete with stitching it - but had to put it down yesterday in order to [help] finish my [son's] 7th grade portfolio project...well, let me back up a little in when the frogs left on Monday at 10 and my DH & older son arrived back home.

During their drive from Anaheim to home (which is about 6 hours), Robert plugged the computer into the car and worked on his Math story (end of the year project for that subject)...he typed the story and then started drawing the "illustrations" for the first 7 pages. When he got home, I was instructed to finish coloring the pages so that he could shower and get ready for bed - ok, so the good mother fairy gets out her special coloring pencils and sets off to work (sorry, I just needed to interject a little sarcasm into this). Waving her magic color wand ****poof*** the math pages are colored.

Now - we go to Tuesday afterschool (yesterday) is time to start/finish Robert's 7th grade portfolio project. He has known about this project since mid April (during spring break - a good time to start big projects since we were not doing anything else...right? "Whatever, mom!"). The portfolio consisted of a summary of each of his classes, a paragraph regarding a favorite & a not-so-favorite thing he study in each class, and a summary of his extra curricular activities during the school year. Well, he did have all of that written - so all I had to do was read & edit 13 pages...think again! The good mother fairy sat at the magic computer keyboard for 6 hours revising & rewriting those summaries (or it would have been an embarrassment for a 7th grader to turn in a paragraph stating that: "I liked math. It was fun. I learned a lot. The teacher made it fun. So math was fun this year." Too bad the stitching frogs couldn't have visited last night to help!) while the loving son cut, paste and printed photos and scanned in examples of his work in order for the good mother fairy to glue them on to a piece of construction paper (it seems that the loving son is very glue challenged and it was easier for the good mother fairy to do it right the first time so that there wasn't any need to reprint and re-cut the pictures at midnight). So from 3:30pm until midnight, with only a few breaks to make the boys dinner, we got the project done. Thank goodness!

It is Wednesday now...tonight he just has to draw and color 7 more pages for his Math story - which I hope he can do all by himself (BTW, DH fairy did help color and so some of the work last night was a family project I guess). We have an year-end open house for Matthew (younger son) tonight to attend. It is hard to believe that school is almost over.

Well...I am sure that I bored you enough today with my good mother fairy pity stories - so I will leave you with this reminder: Live, love, laugh and don't forget to stitch often (which I am hoping to do tonight!!!)



valerie said...

Sounds like Mom was very busy playing the part of a 7th grader! Sorry to hear you had to help out so much but hopefully your help will pay off in older son's grade. Take the night off and stitch!! I know I am! BF just doesn't know that yet! ;0)

CindyMae said...

Well what else are us moms good for LOL!!! You are a good mom though! I am anxious to hear how it all goes for him!