Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new 10 year old!

"Where has the time gone?" Isn't that the question that we ask ourselves when we see our children grow up - celebrate an achievement or a birthday? Well, my "baby" turns 10 today. It is amazing! As Bubbie (my grandmother who past away November 2008) use to say, "Lisa, you have no more babies - you have only young men." Matthew is my youngest; he is a sweetheart and my social child. There is a mysterious connection he & I have, for he always seems to sense when I am out of sorts - giving me a little wink, an extra hug or a sweet "hello". Except for the day he was born (a quick 2.5 hours of labor), he isn't in any rush to do anything (well, except for homework so that he can go play).
On Friday, he was able to invite his 2 best friends over for a slumber party. It was a very nice evening and the boys found that our old 9-in-1 game table (pool table, fuse ball, ping-pong, etc) was very entertaining. I was worried that the other boys might be bored because we don't have any of the popular electronic (like wii or psps or gameboys). But they played fuse ball and pool, making up different games and taking turns most of the evening. Around 9:30, I got out some glow-in-the-dark sticks and took them for a walk around the block. The sticks curved and the ends attached - I was amazed all the different things they came up with during our 45 minute walk...necklaces, bracelettes, earrings, nose rings, glasses and so on. After the walk it was time for some ice cream & cookies, pjs, brush teeth and then at 11pm, time to get in the sleeping bags. I went up to get in bed myself and fell asleep...around 3:30 some giggling woke me up and I found Matthew and one of his friends still up. I told them that they needed to settle down and get some sleep, which I think that they finally did...only to wake up around 7:30am. Matthew thought it was one of his best birthday's ever! Happy Birthday Matthew! I love you!

Saturday, one of the mother's picked up all the boys and took them to another birthday party (I guess May is a popular bday month!). Having the afternoon free, I decided that this would be a good opportunity to look for a sewing machine. I haven't sewn on a machine since 7th or 8th grade when they had home ec in school, but because I am inspired to make different things out of my finished projects, I wanted to get one. Just a machine that does the basic stitches...nothing fancy...not too expensive, but I wanted something reliable. I choose a Brother sewing machine. So far, all I have done is threaded the needle...I do want to play with it a little and practice...however, I have a big deadline!!!! My Prairie Schooler Exchange is due June 1! So, from 3pm until 11pm last night (with a few breaks in between) I worked on my piece. I am about 85% done with stitching it and plan to be done by tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest. It is nice to have this weekend to relax and stitch! So, since this is an exchange piece, I will not be able to show you any progress photos...but I will keep you updated on the progress.

On another note regarding the Friendship Sampler RR...I have received the next one for me to stitch a heart on (Diana from The Netherlands). I will need to get out and get another piece of fabric to re-start mine and get it back in the mailing circle (we still have not heard from the lady who has mine and another RR "hostage"). The other lady (whose RR is missing), unfortuantely decided to quit - we all in the group are very saddened by her decision, but totally understand. She not only lost her stitch piece, but special silk floss, and very nice zippered bags...and just the fact that it was a disappointment. I was planning to go back to my "not so" LNS this weekend to get some fabric, but the traffic our of the area where I live is really congested due to the holiday weekend. So, I will have to wait or order something on line.

Well, Matthew and I will veg-out this afternoon - maybe go out for his birthday. My DH and other son are in Anaheim, CA for a hockey tournament (which they are doing pretty good - wone 2 and lost 1...they have another game this afternoon around 3:30pm). They are due back tomorrow some time depending if they make it to the championship game.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! Remember...Live, Love, Laugh...and stitch often!


Gaynor said...

Sounds like your son had the best birthday!!! He is a lovley looking lad. Sorry about the RR fiasco..harsh when something that takes that much organisation and trust is let down. Hope you get it sorted out soon.

valerie said...

Happy Birthday Matthew!! Sounds like he had a nice sleepover party! You'll have to let me know how the Brother sewing machine is after you've played and practice. Sorry to hear the other RR member decided not to move forward. It's frustrating dealing with this type of situation. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

CindyMae said...

Happy Late birthday to Matthew! It sounds like he and his friends had a great time!