Friday, May 8, 2009


Thought I would live up to my promise I made yesterday and post a few photos. First, up - since this is a stitching is my progress on my UFO "Hockey Rivalry" which I have committed to finish on the I've Started, So I'll Finish blog. On the right, is where it was 2 weeks ago and on the left shows the progress I have made in the 2 weeks.

I have been rotating it with some of the smaller projects I have (which I am stitching for a couple exchanges I have & the Friendship RR). I
have commited to stitching it anytime I am sitting in my "mommy's corner of the couch"at home. Because this project requires many color changes and color blends, I have pre-threaded many needles and organized it on the needle organizer; thus making this project non-travel to sit in the hockey rinks while the boys are practicing, track field during a meet or the bus during a field trip...I take the small projects and leave this one at home to stitch while sitting with the family or watching tv.

Fourth grade Field Trip...yesterday I went on a field trip with Matthew & his 4th grade class. As mentioned yesterday, 4th grade is the year they study California history and then at the end of the year take this field trip. Matthew's class focused primarily on the Capital (for there are so many museums, forts and old cities in Sacremento to go - due to the gold rush and other factors like that). It was fun to do this with him and his class for I haven't been on a field trip with him in a long time. The bus ride was long (2 hours each way)...but having my son and his fellow classmates give us parent chaperons a tour of the Capital was wonderful. They did a lot of prep work, researching the different rooms of the building and statues on the grounds. Below is Matthew giving his presentation outside the Assembly Room...doesn't my "soon-to-be" 10year old look handsome. It was a fun day and a nice opportunity to spend sometime with him, his classmates and some of the parents of his friends. And BTW...I was able to get some stitching done on one of my exchanges (that was small enough to fit in my bag, but caused a little stoppage in the security line when my metal hoop & needles went through the machine. At least I knew to pack fingernail clippers versus scissors!).

Well...this weekend is Mother's Day weekend. As per the focus of our lifestyle, we have a few hockey events - Saturday is the team party for Robert's team (and we will be presenting the coaches with the photo books I put together) and Sunday is Matthew's "skills & scrimmage" clinic in the morning...but
never fear I will get my one Mother's Day wish: to go to my LNS! NiaH is having a trunk show of Laura J. Perin. And while I don't do a lot of canvas work (on canvas), I love her designs and have in corporated some of her specialty stitches in my work. Also, I will be able to do a little mother's day shopping to add to my stash as I have some things that I definitely NEED to add for some upcoming exchanges (wink, wink).

So for all of you beloved readers...Happy Mother's Day...whether you are a mother, grandmother or a child cartaker! You deserve a special day! Remember - Live, Love, Laugh...and Stitch on! Lisa


Angela P said...

Hockey Rivalry looks like a wonderful project. I like the way you have organized the needles with the floss, I'm looking forward to watching your progress. Have a great Mother's Day :)

valerie said...

Wow, great progress on the hockey project! Hope you have fun at NiaH and that you have a lovely mother's day!

Wendy said...

Your stitching looks so great!! Can't wait to see it grow!

Happy Mother's Day to you too.