Friday, May 22, 2009


OMG...this was the week from H-E-double hockey stick-double hockey stick! I feel like I was almost being punished for enjoying the last few weeks when I didn't have to drive to a hockey rink or stress over running the boys to anything after school. This week was the start to a hockey clinic that runs 4 days/week for 6 weeks...from 5pm until 8pm (and then you need to allow 45 minutes on either side for driving to the rink and driving home). In order to save some $ but make sure that the boys are fed, I pack snacks and dinner so that they can eat in the car and in between their respective ice time/off-ice fitness room. This is a really good clinic for each as it includes 1.25 hours of ice time (skills & drills) and then an hour with a fitness trainer. Each son is group with their age group - which is good because neither is in the same location at the same time, but it makes for a long evening for me.

Nevertheless, I have been able to get in some stitching (unless I am in a deep conversation with other hockey moms making it difficult to stitch). I finished one project - which I will post a photo later this evening. Now I have to focus on finishing the Prairie Schooler project for the exchange - mail date before June 1. I will make it, but will need to use this holiday weekend to really focus on it!

This is going to be a nice quiet weekend for the most part. DH and older son left last night, driving down to Anaheim for a hockey tournament. They will be there until Monday. I am here with Matthew, youngest. His 10th birthday is on Sunday. Tonight he is having a couple of boys over for a little slumber party. We have never hosted a slumber party and, due to hockey, the boys haven't really been to too many slumber parties themselves. So, this will be fun for him. I have used the fact that we will be hosting guests (even some 10 year olds) as a reason to clean the house. It needs this morning I have gotten the first floor good and scrubbed! Nice to start a holiday weekend with a clean house!

Well, I don't want to bore you anymore, so I will end this post here. As promised I will post a photo of one of my finishes later today - as I do need to get this one done too for a friend whose birthday was actually last Sunday. Until then...have a good Friday! Lisa


Kathy in Orange County California said...

Funny - just saw an update on my sister's Facebook. She and Tyler are on THEIR way to So Cal for hockey. I'll bet it's the same tournament, although different age group! This was the first I heard, so I don't know that I'll get up there to see any games.

CindyMae said...

Hope you have a great weekend with time to relax and stitch plenty!