Monday, May 25, 2009

A Memorial Day visit from the frogs

Just when I was getting ready to leap for joy - for my Prairie Schooler Exchange was getting close to complete - a frog family came knocking at my door...and it wasn't to join in my Memorial Day bbq! While I can't post photos and I can't go into too much detail, as this is for an exchange (and I don't know if my exchange person reads my blog) - but let's just say the whole header of my project will have to be frogged and started over...or I could just leave it out (mmmm...that is an idea as the deadline is fast approaching).

Well, since I needed to take a break from sitting and stitching I decided to get on the ol' stationary bike and get some blood back into my legs and feet.

Just heard from DH and my older son...they are on their way back from Anaheim. Robert's hockey (spring) hockey team won the Memorial Day tournament - so he will be bringing home some more metal to place on his dust collecting trophy shelf. So, that is exciting...I guess the championship game was very exciting as they went into the 3rd period tied 2-2. In the last couple of minutes of the game, Robert brought the puck down to the opposing end and passed to another teammate, who shot and scored. Pretty cool to get the assist on the game winning goal. I also heard that he got slammed pretty good into the boards and has a nice bruise & goose egg on his arm. Well, at least it isn't broken. They stopped at a Walmart and got some ice to put on it a little bit ago...sounds like they are making pretty good time; probably make it home around 10:30-11pm tonight. Hopefully Robert can type while riding in the car, as he still has a way to go on some of his projects that are due tomorrow.

Well...enough seems that the blood is flowing back in my legs and feet, so I will be hopping off this cycle soon and greeting Mr. & Mrs. Frog in hopes that they can quickly removed the mistake and I can get this complete soon!

Thanks for stopping by! Take care and remember...Live, Laugh, Love and stitch often (hope that you are able to keep the frogs at bay!). Lisa


Anonymous said...

Hope the frog stays away and you can finish your exchange

Gaynor said...

Sorry..I think the frogs came from me..well, I had to send em somewhere lol
Hope you get it sorted out oon and without too mcuh trouble ;-)

CindyMae said...

Them frogs don't take holidays! Sorry they popped in for a visit! Congrats to your son and his team, that is awesome news!