Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Whining Wednesday

Post #467...47 days until blogoversary and an extrodinary amount of followers :)

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Anybody can do just about anything with themselves
that they really want to and make up their mind to do.
We are all capable of greater things than we realize.
~Norman Vincent Peale

Although...if one tries to leave comments on blogs of new followers...ugh, I am so frustrated right now with blogger. You all have been so good and I have so many new followers who I would like to meet - go to their blogs - read and leave a comment, but for some reason I am having troubles. After entering my comment and the "secret security code" I was directed to a sign in screen...after entering my login info I would try to submit my comment to the blog, but then was directed to the blogger sign in page again. Now, it might just be this computer, so I will continue trying on some of the others that we have accumulated over the last couple of years. Between buying our second store, where we accumulated 3 old computers and adopting some that my father wasn't happy with, we do have our share here. So I will keep on trying...for I have made up my mind that I will meet all my new followers and make my mark on their blogs with a comment :)

So last night I wrote about my new blooming relationship with Wild Berries, whom I am stitching with on on the border of my Family Sampler. I was hoping that she and I would have a visit after I was done with my workout last night while at the hockey rink; unfortunately she got stuck in my knapsack while I ran around yaking with some of the other hockey moms who were hanging out at the rink. Last night was a good night to get in all my hockey yapping because both boys had practice. So I got caught up with some of the moms from Matthew (younger son)'s team; and then when they departed I had a chance to sit down and gab with moms from Robert (older son)'s hockey team. Sometime a girls got to gab, ya know?

Well, 24 hours from now I will be at the airport - checking in, paying to take on a suitcase & hockey bag & hockey stick bag (gotta love that...not), going through security (hopfully will not be padding down again) and then waiting for my seat number to be called out. Then it will be a 4-1/2 hour flight. I will definitely be bringing my stitching - Family Sampler and, if I have time, a Christmas pattern because I need to start stitching the Christmas Ornament for Conny the last person for the Ornament Swap. I am still waiting for Lisa V to alert me when her ornament I stitched arrives so I can show you what I made for her. It is a long way from here to her land - cross your fingers that it doesn't take too much longer.

My thoughts are definitely flowing in all sorts of different directions this morning, so it might be time to put a close to this post. Thank you for visiting, I hope that you have a wonderful Wednesday. Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


MoonBeam said...

I see that many blogs are set up differently as far as posting comments, but I've been starting to think that whatever computer one is using has a lot to do with this.
A couple of my friends are always complaining that they can't leave comments.

Just my very un-tech two cents worth! Part of the cyberspace mystery to me.


valerie said...

I think you need to make sure that you do not have "keep me signed in" checked. If it's unchecked, it should work ok and not send you into that annoying circle.

Safe travels to you!

cucki said...

oh dear..i hope you sort this out soon..
sending you lots of (hugs)
cucki xx

CalamityJr said...

Have a safe trip!

Sally said...

I have problems commenting on some blogs and have found using a different browser solves it.