Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

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Tonight's the night...when all the spooks, ghosts, and goblins come beware!!! Consider yourself warned :)

But I am glad that you stopped grab a handful -

What is your favorite Halloween candy - do you like the little candy corns that come out only at this time of the year, or do you go for the chocolate or maybe the suckers, swedish fish or tootsie rolls? You know, while I am aware of the fun the kids have as they go door to door, ringing the doorbell and shouting "Trick or Treat", neither of my boys particularly like candy. Sure, they will eat a Hershey bar and love a pack of M&Ms...but we always end up taking 98% of the Halloween candy to work. When we lived in Minnesota, the school district there had a program where they collected the kids' Halloween candy they wanted to share for the food shelves which are typically void of things like this.

We won't have to worry much about sharing our candy this year, for between covering for employees who want to leave early to be with their family members and the boys' hockey practice there won't be much Halloween celebration here. But it doesn't sound like the boys are too upset.

Thank you all for your comments and thoughts about the pumpkin carving design for my part-time job contest...unfortunately due to working in*Store #1* all weekend - and allowing DH to have a whole weekend off without stepping foot in either store, something he really needed - I didn't have the energy to carve anything creative or out-of-the-ordinary when I got home on Saturday or Sunday. I did carve a basic "Jack o'lantern" face with 2 eyes and a mounth with teeth so that the pumpkin didn't go to waste but I am not going to enter it into the contest. He will stay home and get ready to sit outside later tonight. Poor guy :(

Yes I worked all weekend and it went pretty well. It has been a long time since DH had a full weekend off, not setting a foot in either of our stores. It was like our rolls were reversed the whole weekend....I was in the store and he was playing the Hockey Taxi driver. For Matthew had practice both days and Robert had games both days. So, while DH didn't get much rest over the weekend, he did get time with the boys - which is priceless!

This week is going to go by fast I think...the boys are off of school today due to an teacher inservice day, but of course they saved all their homework to finish today (kids, what are you going to do with them?). Although, I think that Matthew told a teacher or two that he was going to be absent from school on Thursday and Friday, for there is another hockey tournament coming up.

This time I will be flying with both my boys to Chicago on Thursday...November birthday. In fact, Robert's whole team and some of Matthew's will be on the same flight so I can celebrate my birthday in the morning 35,000 feet in the air. And then as soon as we land in Chicago, we will be meeting up with my parents and one of my sisters. They will be joining us for the hockey weekend...and to celebrate birthdays. Not only is my birthday on the 3rd, but so is my father's. I was born on his 25th birthday - pretty special present, huh? It will be nice to be together with them for it has been a long time since I was with my parents for my birthday.

Well...lets back up here and stay focused...stay in the present...remain in the NOW and take it one day at a time because there are a lot of things I need to accomplish before I get on that plane on Thursday.

Well, I am just rambling on right now. This will probably be a good place to wrap up the post!

As long as we convince ourselves that we’re so busy and our work is so vital and we can’t afford to slow down, then we don’t have to look at our own lives and the personal issues that are so difficult to address: a marriage that isn’t working, a career that isn’t satisfying, children we’re out of touch with, friendships we’ve outgrown, associations we need to move on from, the creativity we’ve been afraid to explore, our deepest fears or childhood traumas that have been holding us back from leading truly fulfilled lives.
~ Elaine St. James
Tomorrow doesn’t matter for I have lived today. ~Horace

Until next time, remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


CalamityJr said...

I like the idea of sharing the candy with the food bank. A dentist here
"buys back" kids' candy and sends it to soldiers far from home - another good wat to share!

valerie said...

Safe travels, Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween!

cucki said...

Happy halloween dear and have a lovely time xxx