Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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I got back home late Sunday evening...close to midnight...and between the 3 hour time difference between Detroit and here...and the overwhelming mountain of laundry, I just needed to recouperate and catch up. Now that I have had that 36 hours, I find myself up on going on Tuesday morning. The refrigerator and pantry is filled back up with all the necessities this family needs and the laundry has been washed, folded and put away. I just need to catch up on a few other things, but at least I fell a little more up to speed than I did yesterday. Isn't it amazing was a trip to the grocery store and an empty laundry basket do to a person :)

Thank you all for the wonderful comments regarding FS - I didn't get much more done during the plane ride on Sunday. Instead, I played the onboard trivia game that Delta has. You can play along with anyother passenger that logs in. All of Matthew's teammates thought it was pretty cool to play. First you had to come up with a clever name - Bambam, Toots, Hiya, so-n-so's Mom, etc. But because your seat assignment was listed, they all figured out who was who. Of course it was a competitive hour of trivia, not sure if all the passengers on board enjoyed 12 year olds and a few of us hockey parents hooting and hollering on board...but we all enjoyed ourselves. For the most part, it made the 4hr 45 minute ride go by faster...however that last hour was a killer and I was just really to go!

The last game of the tournament, which was the consulation game, we were suppose to play a different Canadian team. However, when we showed up at the rink we were told that they had left early not due to being disappointed that they ended up 4th in their bracket. Instead we played another team from Canada - Don Mills PW99AAA Team - who, from what I understand ranks close to 5th in all of Canada in their age group. Well, they were definitely the best team we played all weekend. We loss 9-1....my son, Matthew scored that one goal. I was excited for him because he worked so hard throughout the whole weekend, never giving up during any of the losses earlier in the weekend. He so deserved to get one "biscuit in the basket"!
Matthew standing in center ice, strategizing with his teammates as they wait for the puck drop
With all of our games complete by Saturday evening, Sunday was left for a little sleeping in followed by breakfast in the room and completion of homework. Matthew was able to get most everything complete by checkout time. We met up with some of the other families and decided to head to the Henry Ford Museum. I had heard that this was the place to go...and it definitely was.

While their automotive section was closed, for they were working on a new exhibit that was going to show the revolution of the American car -we were able to peek in and see most of the "cool" old cars as well as the old neon McDonald and Holiday Inn signs.
Old, neon McDonald's Hamburger sign...don't you just love that old car underneath!
But this HUGE museum had so many things - Big old train engines...and I mean enormous! Examples of farm tractors to show how they evolved from the late 1800s/early 1900s until now; examples of different motors from the late 1800s/early 1900s until now, etc. They even had a life size display of kitchens, showing the evolution from:
Kitchen from 1800s - makes me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Later 1800s to early 1900s - indoor oven & stove, indoor water
Around 1940s or so...I rememer, when my great-grandmother passed away and we walked through her house before it was sold, there was a oven/stove combo unit like the one that was shown in this display.
There was also a section of the museum where they pointed out the different generations - baby boomers, generation X, generation Y and current...what was discovered to make life easier, what entertained us and so on. Do you remember:
the electronic toys - Merlin, Simon and the Little Professor calculator? After walking around this area with some of my fellow hockey moms, we really started to feel old when we realized that things that were new to us are now in a museum.

Other exhibits featured presidental cars - the one that Kennedy was shot in was on display as well as the one that Regan was getting ready to get into before he was shot. Very eery! They also had the exact bus that Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white person. Speaking with the museum docent at the Rosa Parks' bus, we found out that someone had the bus and put it up for auction on Ebay and that is how they came to have it in their museum. Really a neat thing for the boys to sit in and listen to her recorded voice telling the story!

We were in the museum for hours. We did stop and grab a bite to eat, because the kids were getting hungry:
Matthew and I, sitting by the Oscar Mayer weiner mobile
Anyone for a footlong...
"Ok, mom...enough...can we eat now?"
So of course lunch was at the Weiner Cafe right next to the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile...and for you all who know about the Oscar Meyer Weiner Whistles...yes, we did get one of those from the museum gift store :)

Everyone who went to the museum had a great time. It definitely was a winner with the boys who went - and a fun way to end a great weekend!

Thank you for visiting and reading about our time in Detriot. I hope that you have a wonderful Tuesday! Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


MoonBeam said...

Nice to hear how not only the hockey games bring a family together, but all the extra experiences you share when on a road trip ( air trip?) like this one. The trivia sounds like a fun way to make the time pass on a long flight. I haven't been to the museum in decades, but I know they keep that and the Village pretty nice.


cucki said...

wow..glad to know that you all had a wonderful time together..
i really love the museum pictures..and the laura's kitchen is so beautiful..i truly love olden time and old things..
lots of love for you dear xxx

Carissa said...

Wow, that museum looks fantastic. I would have especially loved looking at the kitchens! How cool that your son scored the only goal and glad they were able to play even though the original team wasn't there.

Sounds like you're starting to get caught up after being gone.