Saturday, October 1, 2011

I've turned some corners

Wow, hard to believe that it has been a full week since I have shared anything with you all. I guess I have been busy trying to catch up from the two weekends I travelled to Phoenix. It is definitely nice to be home this weekend and I feel like I am more caught up than I have been for the last few weeks.

Anyway, last weekend was Matthew's hockey team's turn to go to Phoenix and his team did very well. After the round robin games, they were in 1st place. Unfortunately their mind took over - as soon as someone mentioned "Semi-Finals" they fell apart and went to win the consolation...ending up in 3rd place when the tournament. However, they had the best record coming out of the weekend - winning 4, loosing 1 and tying 1. Congrats to the PW99AAA Sharks team.

While in Phoenix, I did get some time to put some stitches into Family is a photo of it from last Monday:

Family Sampler Status after returning home from Phoenix - 9/26
 I finally made it to the second corner, something that I wanted to accomplished before boarding the plane on Sunday evening. However, due to the hockey schedule last week, I found myself at the rink 3 days in a row and definitely made a lot of time for stitching. So, here is where I am now:

Family Sampler as of  October 1
Third corner of the Pea Pod green vine has been turned (and fresh batteries have been put in the camera - photo looks better than the phone photos) and I will be happy when this part is finished. I am getting a little sick of the Pea Pod green as well as making the same pattern...time to change out soon!

It is definitely nice to be home and home for a period of time. My next travel weekend is October 13, when I will be flying with Matthew and his hockey team, again. We will be going to Detroit, Michigan for a tournament. 'Tis hockey season!

Guess a few more corners have been turned, as it is now Fall. The weather here in Northern California has been trying to hold onto summer-like temperatures, but it looks like Mother Nature will put a stop on that as we are expecting 2 rain storms next week and temperatures have fallen from mid-90s to mid-70s and 60s. I perfer the cooler temps, but not quite ready for the rainy season. Would be nice to transition into slowly, but I have no control of these things so I will just take one day at a time.

The corner of the September calendar has been pulled and today is the first day of October. Hard to believe that the last 3 months of 2011 are on our doorstep. That means the holidays will be here soon. Speaking of holidays...while I finished Lisa V's ornament a month ago, I am finally getting my act together and taking it to the post office to is the mail due date (can you say "procrastination?"). I took some photos of the ornament, which I will post as soon as she gets a chance to hold it in her hand first. So stay tune - how long does it take to get from California to Austrailia anyway?

Well, time for me to sign off! I hope that you have a wonderful Saturday. Until next time...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


CalamityJr said...

So, congratulations are in order, first to Matthew and his team for some great hockey playing, and to you for some awesome stitching. Your family sampler is really coming along; maybe you'll be able to ask for the framing for Christmas!

CindyMae said...

Your stitching progress is looking awesome!! Good job to Matthew and his team! You are more than welcome to send your rainy season to me if your not ready for it, we will sure take it here in Texas!