Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Overwhelmed to say the least

Post #465...48 days until blogoversary and an extrodinary amount of followers :)
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OMG...117 followers. Well, you all definitely kept your side of the giveaway. Now, I just need to keep going and keep posting to get to that big 500 on the 28th of November! And it looks like there are a lot of enteries...Yay!!!

If you remember from Sunday's post, I introduced you to my new friends -
Claypot and Wild Berries...well, the last few days I have become very acquainted with Wild Berries. She is quite an interesting person to get to know - goes from a dark serious side to a light humorous one after a few steps. Hanging out with her definitely makes time go by fast, though and our visit together will probably be pretty short. I thought it best to visit with one at a time...seems to get the job done fast :)

I am currently at the rink, in the fitness room, getting in my spin on their stationary bike while writing this post. It is nice to have the use of the fitness room here while hanging at the rink; especially on Tuesdays since I am here from 4pm-8:30pm. Both boys have practice - makes for a long evening (but between working out and stitching, I have found ways to make it go by quickly). Thursday I pack up my stitching and laptop and head to Detroit with Matthew & his hockey team for a weekend tournament. As always, I look forward to my time with my sons...that one on one time is priceless especially since the continue to grow right in front of my eyes.

Well, it is probably time to say "good bye" for now, jump off the bike and get over to the rink to watch Matthew's practice while visiting with Wild Berries. Until next time...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


cucki said...

hello dear, i really love myself your new friends too..they are very lovely colors..have fun with their visit :)
have lots of fun with your son and enjoy the time..
me sending you lots of love and hugs from sunny south africa
cucki xx

CindyMae said...

Can wait to see the stitching that you are your new friends are creating! Hope you have an awesome time this weekend!