Saturday, September 18, 2010

Update from Minnesota

Hello sport fans...or maybe stitching fans :)
I am sitting in the hotel's computer room waiting for the exact time that I can check into my Southwest flight home and print out my boarding passes for tomorrow. We are having a nice time in MN - fun to combine a hockey trip with family visiting (if we couldn't it would be hard to see family with all the hockey travel we will have this year).

Robert (older son) and his hockey team have lost 2 games and won 1. The one they won, which was last night, Robert scored 2 goals (the final score was 2-2...but they won in the overtime shoot out). It definitely was a very fun and exciting game to watch and be at (yes, I was a proud hockey mom). Yesterday they had 2 games - a morning and a late evening. In between the games, I jumped in my car and took off for a visit to Stitchville USA. I love that shop as I use to visit there quite often when I lived here. They have everything...and more. I got some nice fabric for The Family Sampler by LNH - so now I am offically ready to start that when I get through with the Christmas ornament. It is nice to be able to combine a hockey tournament and a visit to a needlework shop...isn't it :)

Today, Robert's team only had one game and it isn't until 8:15 tonight. So after he participated in the team stretch and warmups, he and I got into the car and drove down to my parents' house. We had an opportunity to visit as well as get a good homecooked meal...and Robert worked on a little of his homework.

Well, just one more minute and I can check in...hope everyone is doing well...until next time - Lisa

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valerie said...

Congrats to Robert on those goals! It sounds exciting!

Stitchville must have been heaven!