Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mailperson's Saturday visit was exciting

Yesterday the trip to the mailbox proved to be more exciting that normally (normal = advertisements and bills)...first, the Just CrossStitch Ornament Edition finally arrived!
I have been drooling over the fact that so many of you in blogland had theirs (whether you got it as a subscriber or just purchased at your LNS). As a subscriber of JCS magazine, I was getting a little worried about the whereabouts of my ornament edition...I even emailed them to make sure that my subscription was up-to-date; whether my ornament edition was on it's way or if I was safe to go out and purchase one. Well, while I only received their candid email response (thank you for contacting JCS, a representative will email your with an answer not reply to this email) - I was glad that it showed up when it did!

If you have received this, what are your thoughts? I love it...I like the fact that the patterns show up right after the group display of the ornaments...I like that the patterns, thread color key and finishing instructions is legible and all the other comments and stories are in a smaller font (might be a little harder to read due to the size - they are wonderful quotes and Christmas memories from the designers and enjoyable reads - I am glad that they are included, but they just not the main focus) and thought it was really nice that the special recipes from the designers were grouped together in the back. And all the designs, well, there are so many that I would love to stitch! Maybe we should continue with the Ornament swap group...

Speaking of the Ornament Swap group...I received my first ornament:
It was received from Daffycat (aka Sharon)...Little House Needlework's Pear Tree - #2 in the ornament series. It is gorgeous. Here, let's take a closer look...
It looks like Sharon used the "called for" thread colors and Mill Hill beads...however, she was very sneaky :)
Look at the "l" and the "s" - looks like there has been a little color change there?
Could it be a "L" for Lisa and a "S" for Sharon?
I love it! Thank you very much Sharon!

Well, that is all the excitement for right now. DH and Robert (older son) are down at the rink for a hockey practice and off-ice fitness. As soon as they get come, I will be heading out the door to meet some stitching friends at NiaH (Needle in a Haystack) for some stitching, chatting and maybe just a little stash shopping.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend - remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Cole said...

What a pretty ornament!!

natalyK said...

I'm still waiting for my subscription issue. Hopefully its in the mail. Love the ornament that Sharon stitched for you.

Julie said...

What a cute ornament! Have fun stitching! I've heard that NIAH is an awesome shop. It would be fun to just go there to stitch.

Daffycat said...

Mine still hasn't arrived yet. It always takes forever. And then I end up buying off the newsstand because I can't wait!

So glad you liked the was hard to give this one away!

Dee said...

(I came over from Daffycat's blog --- sometimes I like to know where new readers come from. I think other people probably do too.)

I got my JCS ornament issue last week. I like the new layout, but didn't find a whole lot I want to stitch.

I'll probably do the blue snowman --- the one shaped like a star with the beaded edge. AND -- probably the puffin, if I can find the buttons (shoes).

valerie said...

Beautiful ornie from Sharon! I got my issue this past week too. There's quite a few I want to stitch! :)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

As far as the book I like the tree on the front, but how lucky are you to receive your ornaments. Clever with the L & S. Leave it to a stitcher to personalize something in just the right way.
Be always in stitches.