Monday, September 6, 2010

Hockey, hockey, hockey, hockey...

Do you play hockey? Well, I know that many of you stitch as I do, but this weekend in my household was a typical Labor Day weekend...filled with hockey as both Robert's (older son) team and Matthew's (younger son) team were participating in the Labor Day hockey tournament here in town. With 2-3 games a day, starting on Friday, we have been back and forth to the rink, putting lots of miles on the cars. But, what else would we do on a holiday weekend? :)

As part of the requirements this year, both boys have to arrive at the rink in "Game Day" dress code, which consists of shirt, tie, dress pants and dress shoes. It does make for handsome young men :) 

Well, it might have been a stretch to ask them to show a little brotherly love, but I know that they respect and support eachother!

Matthew's team was challenged this weekend, for they lost all 4 of their games. We were hoping that the score would have been a little closer versus the losses of 0-6 or 10-2, etc. This team is a young PeeWee team which the coach is taking under his wing and trying to develop them this year, making them more competitive as the year goes on and ready for next year. I just hope that all the families understand this...that they don't give up so soon into the season...that they don't speak negatively about the coach and the team at home around their player. It is situations like this where I want to yell:
Hockey knew what this year was going to be about and, yet you signed up for it - committeed to it. Your kids learn from you - your attitude and your mannerisms. Teach them to work hard for what they want, for no one on this team is a hockey star; everyone needs to work hard to continue their development and achieve their goal...mommy & daddy cannot buy it!
Unfortunately I cannot scream that out loud to anyone. Just hope that the parents do the right thing for their kid and, more importantly, for the TEAM.

Robert's team made it into the semi-finals which is close to starting (DH and Robert went down for the 7:15am game - leaving here at 5:30am - and I am at home with Matthew, who wanted to sleep in). His team, lost their first game, tied their second game and won their third...which was stopped in the middle of the 3rd period because both goalies on the opposing team didn't have goalie masks that complied with the new USA Hockey policy. The game was a mess - between stopping and starting the play, a little bit of fighting amongst the players. Well, anyway...they are in the semis.

So, with that my stitching friends, I will have to sign off with the traditional chocolate milk shakes that occur after dinner...

Take care and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Julie said...

Hi Lisa! I've been reading your blog for a while now, just have never commented. My 10 yo DS also plays hockey. Second year squirt this year. I know EXACTLY what you're going thru! We had a rough year last year with our team and the parents made it so much worse than it should have been. I too am a hockey stitching Mom, I live in KS which is not exactly a hopping hockey state:) Not many teams to choose from here. Hope you have a great Labor Day!

Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a great hockey time! Nice pics of your boys!

CherylI said...

I had a distinct bittersweet moment reading about your hockey weekend. This is the first year my son won't be involved with youth hockey. He's off to college now and will most likely play a club/inter mural hockey at school. But no parents there to watch.
However, hockey starts tonight for my daughter - with a whole new crowd and a new set of coaches and hopefully a very happy year unlike her last two years.
Enjoy it while they're little Lisa - it's over before you know it.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Funny what our children learn while we are not watching. Hopefully the TEAM spirit will live at the homes of all the players and not have negativity drawn forward. Life it to short for the likes of peanut gallery parents at the rinks.
Love the pics of the boys and Thanks for sharing those shake smiles.
Be always in stitches.