Monday, September 20, 2010

Home - and a quick weekend review

Yawn....yawn again. We are home - got in late last night, around 10:30pm and home around 11-ish. Up early this morning to get Robert (older son) up and around so that he can put the finishing touches on some homework before leaving for school.

Last night we flew from Minnesota to Chicago, where we had to change planes before getting back to California. In Chicago, we met up with Matthew and my DH who were in Cleveland over the weekend for his hockey the whole family flew back together from Chicago to California. It is very rare for all of us to be on an airplane together :)

A Weekend Recap...
It was a very nice weekend, especially when you can combine hockey and visiting with family. At Robert's game on Saturday evening, he had his very own cheering section. My mother, 2 sisters, a brother-in-law and niece/nephew came to watch the game. The game wasn't very exciting, as Robert's team won 11-0, but my niece (who is 8) and nephew (who is 4) thought it was pretty cool that their cousin Robert was playing Hockey.

When they arrived at the rink, I took niece/nephew down to the locker room where Robert and his teammates were standing outside near the hockey boards watching another team finish their game.

Holding Nephew on my hip, we walked up behind Robert - I said to nephew, "this is Robert".

Nephew tapped Robert, who turned around, and then yelled, "ROBERT!" and leaned over to give him a hug.

Well, if you can is a little 4 year old excited to see his cousin who is all dressed in his hockey uniform surrounded by all his teammates (all 14 years old) - well, Robert smiled from ear to ear to see his little cousin, but a slight shade of red embarrassment grew too. It was too cute. My nephew was wearing his Sharks jersey, which we sent him last year - which he had to point out to Robert, "Look Robert, I am wearing my Sharks jersey too, just like you!"

So that we didn't embarrass Robert too much more before the game, I took the kids back up stairs to wait for the beginning of the game. Like I mentioned, Robert's team won - but it was one of those kinds of lopsided games where it just isn't too exciting.

After the game was over, I took Niece and Nephew to the rink door where Robert and his team came off the ice, marching to the locker room. As the team came out, both Niece and Nephew got to do the "knuckle bump"  with each of Robert's teammates (they were very nice to the kids) and congratulate them on their victory. And as soon as Robert was dressed, his little admires stopped him before he got into the team van...

Robert "attacked" by his groupies :)

"Hey, Robert, will you sign your autograph?"
As Robert exited the rink, he was greeted by his groupies with a loud cheer and then was asked for his autograph (Nephew wanted Robert to autograph is a hockey card of Robert which was from last year).

It was a great weekend. Robert's team won 3 games - lost 2...and as mentioned before, it is fun to combine our hockey travels with family visits! It is also great when it is near your mother/father's house so that you can grab some delicious home cooking :)

Well, got to check in to see what the homework status is on this early Monday morning before getting myself around for work, too.

Until next time, remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Carolyn NC said...

So sweet!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

oh what fun. Maybe when he hits the NHL I will show him this pic and ask for his autograph. Of course he will have to come to Toronto for a game, but maybe play for the HABS. That being Montreal Canadians.Or, I suppose there are a few good teams in the US. lol

I bet you had a nice visit with your family.
Be always in stitches.

Blu said...

Aww! That's so cute!