Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 3rd ornament arrives

Yesterday, when I got home from work I found a package in my mailbox from was another ornament from the Ornament Swap. Excitedly I hurried inside the house to rip open the package...

Inside I found a beautiful ornament from Lisa V.
She stitched a little snowman from the "Let it Snow" chart by JBW Design - using DMC thread and "heaps of beads" :) That is a quote from her card. :)
With the gold ribbon, the little gold ribbon button and the maroon/gold design fabric - it looks so rich and regal. I love it! Thank you Lisa.

I do find it interesting that it took only 6 days to travel half way around the world...but it took Angela's ornament 16 to come from Canada...Go Figure!?!?

Well, I think that I finally got caught up on all the minor household things that needed to be done - catching up from being gone over the weekend. You know the tasks: grocery store, laundry, washing and hanging the hockey jerseys, making sure that the "game-day" dress clothes (button down shirt, tie and dress pants) were spot-free, checking the hockey skates for nicks on the blades, etc.

And I think that Robert (older son) and Matthew (younger son) feel like they have caught up from being absent from school on Thursday and Friday. Both sets of teachers were very supportive of the boys' extracurricular sport and the travel, for the gave the assignements that both would miss last week. Each were able to complete the assignments either before they boarded the plane(s) or while away - bottomline, when the arrived at school on Monday morning from their long hockey weekend they were able to turn in all their work and were ready to start in to the new school week. Perfect!

I am still working on Angela's ornament for the Ornament Swap...hoping to be done by the end of September (the mail date for her ornament isn't until the end of November), before life gets too complicated with hockey travel and practice, school, the upcoming holidays and life in general.

Well, time to say good bye for now. Hope you have a wonderful day.
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often


Melissa said...

Beautiful ornament! I love those JBW ornaments. Glad to hear that you were able to get caught up so quickly from being away.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

What a beautiful ornament,L for Lisa's and Lovely. Congratulations.
Be always in stitches.

Cole said...

Gorgeous ornament! Glad you're getting caught up and settled again... at least until the next trip :)

BTW ~ I have to say (even though it's none of my beeswax) ~ I love the focus you and your boys have on their schooling & the importance of it... I know too many people who put the sports first and let the schooling just fall by the wayside. And they don't even travel! Well done Lisa :)

Deborah said...

Beautiful ornament.

Karen said...

Nice ornament!

Lisa V said...

I'm soo pleased that you love him Lisa, he was fun to stitch for you.

valerie said...

Cute ornie from Lisa V!