Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekend update: "It is the end of our summer as we know it..."

Well several of our laptops are still experiencing some issues left behind by the Malware virus and some have that "google-analytics" bug as I mentioned in my last post, which is a pain to get rid off...which we have not been successful yet. It is like your computer is possessed on some occasions...jumping from one website address to another or just not allowing you to sign in to specific places. Like on one of our laptops, I can pull up my blog, read and comment on your blogs, but I cannot sign into my own blog in order to post or change anything. But at least we have my little cutie laptop to use :)

Well, the weekend is here...and "It is the end of our summer as we know it" is playing in my head. The first of the early morning hockey practices kicks off the new hockey season for the boys this morning; so now our life is back in hockey mode for the next 9 months (at least). Robert's (older son) team gets going this weekend with on-ice practices, off-ice fitness training, parent/player meetings...and then since I have volunteered as team manager again there are the manager's Q&A session and club council meeting to attend. At least all of our hockey committments are in the mornings today and tomorrow...leaving the afternoons open for any summer like activities, if we still have energy (maybe we all will just go home and nap). Matthew's (younger son) team starts their practices on & off the ice next week. It is nice to get the hockey-stuff going before school kicks in...that starts Aug. 24 for both boys.

I have continued to put time and stitches into Mary Wigham this week, but haven't made enough progress to post a new photo. I am hoping to find some quiet time this weekend to put needle to thread...maybe during nap time :)

Well...just wanted to check in. Hope everyone has a good weekend and remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Cole said...

Have fun getting back "into the groove"! We start up again at the end of the month, but only have one hockey player this year... :( My middle daughter decided to follow her older sister and start dance too. Should make for an interesting winter!

Master Shami said...

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