Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stitching, stash, school and sweltering heat

Here is a status photo of where my Mary Wigham is. I have been working on the motifs on the right hand side: the ones stitched in Berry Cobbler (pink) and Picnic Basket (brown). Here is a closer photo of that area:
It is still a very enjoyable stitch, so when I do find time and sit my "bahooki" (aka bottom) down it is a lot of fun.

I also did a little stash shopping, purchasing the "September/October" monthly sampler from LHN as well as the new "Family Sampler" which just came out...unfortunately it is on back order, but since it is not something that I am going to start immediately I can wait.

So that is all the stitching news right now. Other topics - the boys started school today. Both were very excited to start the new school year and their new schools (Matthew in middle school and Robert in high school). However, both came home and said the day was fun, yet boring. For the first day of school means each class they had went over the rules...Bo-o-o-ringggg! Nevertheless, after listening to them talk about their first day experiences, they do so with much excitement.
Robert's new experience is having classes with all age groups - 9th through 12th and having some of the boys have beards and/or mustaches.

Well, as I predicted as soon as school started - summer decided to rare it's ugly head. All summer long we have experienced temperatures in the mid-70s to mid-80s. Typically our summers are well into the 90s and 100s as we live in a valley east of San Fran. With the lower temps, we have actually been living without AC and open windows. That is until last night. Yesterday the temps were in the high 90s - today it was in the low 100s (current temp at 6:45pm is 104 degrees). And once those temps go up, the fire alerts are issued. In fact, we actually have a fire going on about 20 miles or so north of us. I believe they said that it has already burned over 150 acres. There is no threat to us here (so, please no worrying) and there are no structures in danger - just a lot of wooded areas as it is a regional park.

Stitching...stash...school...sweltering heat...I think that is all the news right now.
Hope everyone is doing well - remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


valerie said...

Beautiful progress on Mary! You are so much further ahead than I am. I need to stitch faster! I am melting over here and it's hotter near you. I can't wait for the fog to roll back in! lol

DaisyGirl said...

High school is gonna whiz by Lisa! Get ready! Plus with all your hockey stuff thrown in, your gonna be so busy!
Glad your boys had a good first day, even though it was boring! lol
Stitching looks great!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Your Mary Wigham is coming along nicely, and I love the colours. oh and Happy Mother's Day. lol
Be always in stitches.

Carolyn NC said...

MW looks lovely! Glad your boys are excited about school!