Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally a Mary Wigham Update

I have been wanting to blog about the progress of MW, who came out of hibernation over the weekend, but I have been dealing with computer virus issues again. My DH got the worse of the viruses removed, but the computer I use while spinning on my stationary bike there is the "google-analytic" virus. Have any of you experienced it? Where you might log into your blog at the "sign in" screen and then press enter only to reach a blank screen...or reading your email and your computer jumps to another website unprompted while getting a message about google-analytics. If you haven't experienced any problems like this consider yourself lucky because it is a pain in the neck...DH is hoping that he can figure out how to fix it.

Any way, using my little tiny laptop, I am able to finally post a photo of is what she looks like right now:

Mary Wigham Progress (sorry about the wrinkled look & dark photo)
The part I just finished is located on the right hand side; it is this part:
Newly finished motif (the one done in GAST Tin Bucket and Shaker White)
Last night I finished a motif, which I noted above, and started working on the one below in GAST Berry Cobbler. It still is an enjoyable project to stitch.

Well, off to bed...take care and remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Angela P said...

MW looks great! I have some sort of virus on mine too but it's not the same one :) Thankfully my Dad knows how to get rid of them!

Deborah said...

MW looks wonderful. Nicde progress. I haven't had any viruses as of yet and I hope I don't.

Susan said...

I'm sorry about the viruses - I hope you get your computer fixed soon.

You're making great progress on Mary Wigham - is that a squirrel in one of the motifs? It's really cute!

valerie said...

Great MW update! It's looking great!I wish I could dig mine out...still so behind!

No viruses for me . Sorry to hear your computer is being attacked.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Mary is looking great. You go online while on the bike too cool!