Monday, August 9, 2010

The count down to craziness...

Well, for some reason August seems to feel the need to rush by...last weekend was the last weekend without any hockey commitments. So, we utilized Saturday as a stay home day to get caught up on a few things as well as start some of the "back-to-school" tasks. But first up was a little sleeping in (at least for the boys) - followed by a long run. To keep in shape after tryouts, Robert (older son) and I have been doing a little jogging together in the mornings to compliment his hockey skill workouts. We started just going for a 3-5 mile jog during the week and then added a long one on the weekend. Saturday we ended up jogging 9 miles in an hour and fifteen minutes (he probably could have finished it in less than an hour, but he had his old hockey mom to jogging behind him). So, last week I logged over 30 miles, not too bad for an over 40 year old mother who just put on her running shoes :) Now I have the jogging bug.

Yesterday, we decided to do a day trip to the beach. We had a hard time decided where to go because there has been a constant fog bank on the coast...but decided to drive up to Stintson Beach which is near the famous Muir Woods, for the weather forecast for this region was 75 and sunny. This drive always puts the fear of goodness in Matthew because of the twisty-turvy-ups-and-downs of Hwy 1. Well, as soon as we turned into the beach parking lot...not only did the disappointment of a foggy, misty day hit us all, but Matthew had to deal with the after effects the drive. Once his stomach was satisfied and he was cleaned up, we decided not to disappoint the boys. So, we got a little of the beach equipment out of the car and set up a spot where DH & I could plop down while the boys played in the sand & surf for a couple of hours. When DH and I had enough of being misted on, we packed up and headed north a little further on Hwy 1...first to find a place for lunch and second, to find a cut off that would take us to one of the main highways so we didn't have to drive back all the twisty-turvy-ups-and-downs again. I don't know if our last beach day was a good celebration to the "almost" end of summer, but it definitely was an adventure!

This week is the last week of summer camps for the boys. Matthew (younger son) really enjoyed his afternoon camp this year - and even when given the choice of staying home to "veg out" - he opted to go to the camp and play. This is the last year that he can attend this camp, for he will have aged out after this summer. The only way for him to attend next year is if he participates in the Junior Leader program...which is what Robert (older son) has been doing for the last three years. Robert's Jr. Leader schedule this year has included working at the afternoon camp Matthew attended, as well as work at a preschool camp and a Nature Day Camp. As in the past, being a Jr. Leader has been a wonderful experience for Robert and I think that this year was his most enjoyable because of the variety of camps he worked at. I believe that this is his last year for participating in the Jr. Leader year I think he has the ability of actually applying for a Leader position, which is a paid position. But we will cross that bridge when it is time.

Starting the weekend of Aug. 14-15, the hockey practices start up for both boys. This is the first step to the beginning of our craziness. With both boys in a higher level of hockey that comes with higher expectations of development on and off ice, there will be ice time and fitness room time to deal with...most of the time the "off ice" skills will be scheduled for days/evenings when they also have ice - thus, making the most out of our drive to the rink. hockey practices start up next registration/orientation for Matthew (6th grader - first year of middle school) and Robert (9th grader - freshman in high school) also take place, as we gear up for the start of school on Aug. 24th.

So, while it does sound like we have a lot going on here, it is somewhat a gradual process of adding on the different activities which is much better than waking up one day and having both hockey & new school hours hit at one time. At least that is one way of looking at the next 2 weeks. :)

Stitching News...
Aside from all the daily events that occur in my house, I have decided to give "Eat, Sleep, Stitch" a little rest. Since the last time I posted a photo, I have added a few new stitches and buttons, but just need a break from it. There are a few more areas of white spaces that I am not satisfied leaving blank, but don't know what I want to do right now. So, I have put it aside and brought Mary Wigham out of hibernation over the weekend. It was like having a good friend over for a visit! I got to stitch for a couple of hours on Saturday while watching the Blues Brothers and will have a motif done soon, so will post a status photo soon.

Well, that is about it from the house of craziness. Take care my blogging friend, and remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Oh the life of a busy Hockey Mom. Not to mention everything else you have on your plate. Enjoy your time and get the best out of every minute of what is left of this summer because your boys are definitely growing up, right before your eyes. Be always in stitches.