Saturday, July 31, 2010

The weekend started with a little fishin'

Friday morning we woke up to a very cool and foggy morning, which typically is pretty good for fishing. As mentioned in another post, we decided to return to the regional park we hiked last Sunday because we found a wonderful pond that was stocked with Bass and thought that the boys would enjoy their hand at fishing -something that we haven't done in years. So while I had been up early to get in my morning spin, the wake up call for the boys was set for 6:30am - a time that they haven't had to see in quite a long time. They did "pop" out of bed with excitement for the morning activity without any problems.
As soon as we turned off onto the one lane road that lead up a climb to the park, we left the fog bank behind us and was greeted by the sun and blue sky (that is the interesting thing about the weather here in Northern Cal - it might be cool and foggy where you are, but drive a little ways and the weather can be different).

With fishing gear in hand and a small backpack with water & snacks, we hiked into the park towards the pond. On Sunday, we were told about the pond by the park ranger who also informed us that it was "catch & release" we were prepared to leave them behind - if we caught any, that is.

Hiking to the fishing pond
The hike in took about 20-30 minutes. I let the boys go ahead and took my time looking at the surroundings...taking in the goldness of the summer grass and the greeness of the tree leaves. It seems that the cool morning air made this contrast more vivid than the later afternoon sun. I finally caught up with them at the pond.
Dad and Matthew fishing
It took us awhile to get settled - each kid had a pole with somesort of lure, hook and/or bait (we found out that some of the fish did enjoy a good Oscar Mayer hot dog). Matthew was on one side of the pond fishing and Robert on the other - found that this method worked best...keeping the brothers from arguing and crossing their fishing lines. It wasn't too long when Matthew caught the first fish...and then Robert caught the second. In the four hours we were there, it was like a game - keeping score of who caught more and who caught the biggest.
Robert caught 14 fish and largest was about 14 inches.

Matthew caught 7 fish and his largest was about 15 inches.
By 12:00 noon (got there are 8am), the high sun was taking a toll on most of us and so were our rumbling tummies - so we departed the fish pond and headed back to the car...looking forward to getting back home for a nice shower and lunch...popcorn shrimp and fish sticks from the freezer :)

After lunch, a "much needed" shower it was time for the "well deserved" nap...followed by a little stitching.

I hope that you all are enjoying your weekend activities...and until next time, remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Lisa V said...

My husband and son enjoy fishing too. Not my thing really, I would rather be stitching, hehe!

Daffycat said...

Oh fun! I haven't been fishing in ages! I'm all for catch & release...who wants to clean fish? LOL