Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eat, Sleep...Stitch

First - I want to apologize to those who thought the frogs came and "attacked" a stitching project...I didn't mean to cause any panic :) Second - I do want to thank you all for the kind comments about the Quaker Patriotic Heart pillow. It was fun to stitch - and felt good to use some of my Hardanger skills that I haven't used in several years. The last time was when I stitched my sister's ring pillow (unfortunately I cannot find a photo of it right now...I hope that I didn't loose the photos when our main computer crashed a couple of years ago). Anyway, on to the next project - for I am procrastinating the bringing out of the MW project (shhh! you might wake her up).

"What am I working on now?" you so kindly ask, well I am working on this:
Purchased last month from http://www.123stitch.com/ when I bought LHN's Monthly Sampler Series "July & August" (the monthly sampler series will probably be my 2011 yearlong project - just collecting the kits this year). I saw "Eat, Sleep, Stitch" and felt that I really, really needed it to counteract the "Eat, Sleep, HOCKEY" that goes on around here 24/7. So, after I finished up the ornament and the pillow on Sunday I got a start on "Eat, Sleep, Stitch"...
(picture taken with my phone camera while biking on the stationary bike this morning...wanted to make sure that I got a shot of my status to show you this morning - just a little multi-tasking occurring at 5am this morning)
I am stitching this on the remaining 28ct white evenweave linen which used for the Quaker Patriotic Hearts -  using my own color combinations...currently using Weeks Dye Works...and stitching 1-over-1 (you can see some of my "playing around" on the bottom...stitching the patriotic hearts in different colors).

We started a crazy week here in my house hold. Robert (older son) started "working/volunteering" at an all day camp this week - working 8am-4pm. He is assigned to this camp this week and then,next week, will go back to working at the afternoon camp Matthew (younger son) is attending. However, in addition to the camp this week we are back to driving to the rink for a hockey clinic - this one is only 4 days and leads up to tryouts, which start on Friday evening and continue through the weekend. Hard to believe that the boys will be trying out for the 2010-2011 hockey season already. Well, I guess that is what we get as we treat this sport as an all year round one.

As I catch my breath, I want to thank you for visiting! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!
Remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Vonna said...

Wow Lisa, you have two kids and I have four but I swear you run around more than I do with your two...makes me tired :)
Good Luck to your sons on their Hockey Try Outs!
And your stitching is lovely :)

Angela P said...

Sounds like you have a busy week ahead! This is a great new project, it caught my eye too :)

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Have fun keeping busy, it keeps you young. Love the new project too.
Be always in stitches.

Carolyn NC said...

Cute new start - good luck for your boys with tryouts!

valerie said...

Cute new start! I love your eat, sleep, hockey joke! That hockey stuff sure keeps you busy! Good luck to them on their tryouts!

Yes, let's keep MW sleeping a tiny bit longer! lol

Karen said...

Very cute design....hope you do find time to stitch!

Anonymous said...

What A great project, can't wait to see updates

DaisyGirl said...

Being a Mom I can empathize with you, you are constantly on the go when your kids are involved in any type of sports, band, church, etc. I know I kinda miss it, but then again, it has been nice this summer! lol