Monday, July 19, 2010

And now we are headed into the "quiet" summer routine

Hello Blogging Friends,
Welcome to Monday. How was your weekend? Mine consisted of hockey tryouts - which went very well! For Robert (older son) made the Bantam AAA team...which is the age division and the level he skated at last year; I would have said "the same team" as last year, but with 95% new kids and a new coach it seems more like a new team within the same age/same level as last year. For Matthew (younger son) made the Peewee AA 99 team...he moved up to the Peewee level this year, for he is 11 years old, but this is his first year at a AA level, or Tier hockey as they call it.

DH and I were very proud of our boys, they both had good skates all three days of the tryout. I only really watch 1 full day - for Friday and Sunday, I played a true "hockeymom" which is doing more of the behind the scenes work (providing shuttle service from home to rink and back so one kid didn't have to sit at rink long and/or was able to sleep in longer and/or was able to get to bed earlier; go to the parent meetings after the announcement were made...basically to sign the financial agreements, etc.).My DH stayed in the rink and watched all the skating sessions and would text reports to me, letting me know how the boys were doing. How did we ever survive with our texting?

With a new hockey season, comes with a new opportunity to volunteer...which I have already stated I would be a team manager of Robert's team this year to help with the paperwork and travel arrangements for the group. Been doing this for so long, it is hard to stop now!

Since the weekend was all about "Eating, Sleeping and Hockey-ing" keep my sanity, I did find time to counteract it with some stitching!

If you are familiar with this design (there are 3-4 different layouts noted in this project) - I am not really following any of the layouts designed or really following the colors called for...just kind of using the designs and creating my own thing. After stitching "Eat, Sleep, Stitch" I did notice that my count was a little off and it didn't center perfectly under the other words - but I wasn't too worried because I knew that I wanted to stitch the daisy...even though I had some concern that the white petals of the flower might not show up well on white fabric. So, when it was time to start the daisy, I remembered the DMC overdyed white/ecru color that I used on the Quaker Patriotic Heart, I decided to use that...which I am happy I did. For I love the way the petals are coming out...they kind of look like they have some depth to them...and I love the way the middle of the flower came out. I used a NeedleNecessity overdyed thread that consisted of yellows flowing into reddish color; and I stitched it going around from the outside to the inside creating the effect of outlining it. My plan is to finish the daisy, add some back stitching leaf-like design around it and then stitch some kind of border around the whole thing. So stay tuned :)

As the title says, we are headed into a "quiet" summer routine this week and maybe for the next couple of weeks. I head off to work in the mornings while DH and the boys are home doing their morning routine of: breakfast, followed by some hockey skills practice in the garage for a hour or so, ending with a brisk walk with the dog. Then, after they cool off and wash up, they get in a hour of reading before lunch...then it is off to their afternoon summer camp down the street. And in the evening...we have no HOCKEY! All of the major summer hockey camps/clinics are prior to tryouts - so now that the tryouts for the boys are over, there is a little break until the weekend of Aug. 14 when practices start up. And with school not starting until the 24th of August, we can have a little taste of a summer vacation...just enough that there shouldn't be any whining about being bored.

Take care my friends and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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