Wednesday, July 21, 2010

As mentioned on Monday, with hockey tryouts over and all the hockey camps/clinics we signed up for also complete, we are enjoying quiet evenings at home. Throughout the day...I go to work from 9-1, DH & the boys do their morning workout program followed by some reading and then lunch. The boys still attend their summer camp in the afternoon - which they are enjoying it. In the afternoons, DH is doing a little job searching while I work around the house.

Yesterday I finally made it over to the post office and mailed the ornament I finished for the Ornament Swap - it is travelling to The Netherlands, so as soon as I hear that Conny received it I can show you what I stitched for her. The next mail date is September and the next round of ornaments is for ME :) (sorry, just a little excited to be on the receiving end...hope you all will forgive me).

With these quiet-at-home-evenings I have been able to find time to stitch on "Eat, Sleep, Stitch". I finished the daisy and started a green border last night. Not enough of a change to post a photo right now, but I will when there is more progress to share.

Well, that is about all to report right now - just wanted to post a quick status while multi-tasking on my stationary bike before I started to read all of your updates (reading your updated blogs is a very entertaining way to pass time while getting in my bicycle spin in the morning...I definitely thank you for your help!)

Have a good day my blogging friend...and remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

I totally agree about needing something to do while exercising, I haven't mastered stitching on the elyptical yet, but when I do, look out legs. lol
Be always in stitches.

Melissa said...

Isn't a nice relaxing day/evening at home wonderful? Your boys definitely keep busy. The summer probably goes by pretty quickly for them. Looking forward to you next picture of Live Eat Stitch.

Angela P said...

I understand your excitement over the next round or Ornament swap being yours as I can't wait for November! I'll have to try stitching and walking, LOL! Too bad it isn't that easy :)