Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Vacation: 4th of July-the last day

Yesterday was the last day of the 4 day weekend and, as predicted, we just really vegged at home and got some things done around the house. First thing in the morning, DH took the car over to the shop to have the brakes looked at. Instead of me driving over to pick him up, he decided to walk home (which is about a 4-5 mile walk...not too bad). While he was walking, I got breakfast around for the boys so that they would be finished and ready to do their hockey shots in the garage when DH arrived. Then it was time for the walk up the hill with Bruno (the dog)...which I took the camera on, so here are some photos from our vantage spot.

So, basically this is about all we do up at our vantage point...look around at the houses below (ours being one of them) and look at the surrounding hills and spend some quality time with Bruno, the dog.
Bruno...the 85 pound mutt we got from a rescue center over 7 years ago. He is a mix of retreiver, shephard, terrior, collie...you name the breed, he probably has a little in him :) According to the vet, he is a healthy senior citizen right now and we have seen some changes over the last year; like being a little slower on walks and, lately, wanting to stop and roll in the grass. Once we finish viewing 'the world' from our vantage spot, we grab a snack...
and head back down the hill to home.
The rest of our vacation day we spent at the house...DH & the boys played an interactive game on the computer while I stitched more on the ornament for the Ornament Swap: got all the stitching done...thank goodness, I was loosing my patiences with the Krenik blending filament - it really does enhance the ornament, but it does take some patiences. All I have left to do is back stitching and then finishing it, which shouldn't take too much longer. Later in the afternoon, DH picked up the car, which received new brakes (yikes-$$) and stopped at Lowe's on the way home to pick up a new garbage disposal to install as our 10-year old one died.

Now, we are at Tuesday, July 6th...the 4 day vacation is over and we find ourselves at the beginning of a new week. This morning I go back to work and the boys go back to camp. Robert (older son) starts the new week out as a Junior Leader at the pre-school camp, which he has enjoyed the last two years. He will be volunteering there for the next 2 weeks and then he will go back to helping out at the afternoon camp that Matthew (younger son) attends. This week we have a little break from the evening hockey clinics, but Robert is still going down to San Jose tonight and Thursday evening, where his Coach from last year is doing a "hockey hike". He facilitates hikes at different nature reserves a few times during the summer - making the boys run sprints up & down the hill, while he climbs up. By the time he makes it to the top, the boys have run a great deal :) DH is taking Robert down there tonight and I will go down on Thursday evening.

Well, that wraps up another edition of Hockey Mom's Stitchin' Hobby. Thank you all for visiting and reading about my 4-day holiday weekend. It was truely a wonderful weekend and I am glad that you came by to share it with me. Have a great week and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Vonna said...

Quiet days at home, enjoying walks are the best days :) You have a lovely family!

Carolyn NC said...

Pics are wonderful!