Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy June!

Can you believe that it is June already...the 6th month of the year...the year is 1/2 over...the holidays will be hear in less than 6 months - Yikes. This month brings the last days of school for the boys and graduation for each one: Robert will finish 8th grade/middle school - graduate and will start high school next year; Matthew will finish 5th grade/elementary school - graduate and will start middle school next year. They have this week to "suffer" through (meaning finals and any last minute papers or projects) and next week it is "just fun with school friends" (meaning they have end of the year activities - Robert goes to an amusement park and Matthew goes bowling) - then it all concludes with separate graduation ceremonies on Friday, June 11...I am sure that I will have stories and photos to share after this event.

Stitching News....
I saw on the Ornament Swap 2010 Blog that Lori received the ornament I stitched for her. I stitched an ornament from the Christmas Ornament edition of Just CrossStitch (I think that it was the 2007 edition...don't have that information right in front of me right now). It is a SamSarah design - I used 28ct evenweave fabric and used DMC thread called for. Lori received some beautiful ornaments...you will have to go to the post she wrote yesterday on the Ornament Swap blog to see her photos. 

I did make some time to put some stitches in MW over the long weekend, but the motif I am working on has been a little tedious for me...and my focus has been on:

1 - Preparing for the upcoming Garage Sale
Over the last several weeks, DH and I have been going through our closet and the garage - taking needed time to "weed" through all the stuff we have accumulated since we moved here over 6 years ago. Boy! The stuff certainly grew over the years. Now that we have determined which stuff we wanted to keep...which stuff was garage sale material...which stuff was donatable...and which stuff was just plain trash...it seems that our closet has grown in size and our garage can actually fit 2 cars :) The garage sale is Saturday, June 5...so yesterday I spent some time organizing it and pricing it. Friday DH said that he was going to get some tables to put up and I will put the finishing touches on it...before the garage door is thrown open to the public.

2 - Finishing the Garden
With all the weeding and pruning complete, it was time to check all the sprinklers and attack the flower bed...which was our duty on Sunday. DH got all the sprinkler heads tested and determined that we only needed to replace 2 this year - not too bad. So during our trip to Lowes, he got his sprinkler supplies and I went over to the gardening section and picked out 2 nice tomato plants, as well as 2 strawberry plants to add to our strawberry bed. In the afternoon, I had those 4 plants in the garden and the drippers all arranged. We don't plant a lot of produce in the backyard...just enough to feel like we do :) The last task of summer preparation of our garden, is cleaning out the humming bird feeder and putting out fresh nectar. I have a recipe (1 cup of sugar to 4 cups of water) that I use and our local hummingbird residents seem to enjoy it.

3 - Homework Task Master
That is right...over the weekend homework was being done in our house. It seems that weekend homework has been a part of Robert's schedule since he started 8th grade. But that is coming to an end, as mentioned above. He had to prepare for 3 finals, which he is taking today, and start writing a 5 paragraph paper which isn't due until a week from today (so I guess he will have homework next weekend as well).

Lastly, my mind seem to be preoccupied at some points about DH being at home now that he is finished with his previous job and is looking for the next endeavor. It is going to be very strange...odd...weird...going off to my part-time job in the morning and leaving him in the house...and then coming back home around 1pm to find him in the house. It is not a bad thing necessarily - having him at home - but it will be something that I will have to get use to until he finds the next job.

Well - still hard to believe that it is June. I hope that you all enter into the month with much happiness and health...and remember to:
Love, Live, Laugh and Stitch Often! Lisa


Carolyn NC said...

Hope DH finds another job soon. Your stitching is lovely and your goals are awesome!

Daffycat said...

This is just the sweetest ornament for Lori! She seemed to like it so much!