Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Fotos

So, as mentioned in yesterday's post, the fire department is doing the seasonal controlled burns on the hills across the street from our house. Above is the scene I see when I drive home - if I didn't know what was going on, it would be a very scary scene! From these photos you can see how brown and dry our hills get after the spring rains are over. When we moved here, the real estate representative said: "This area of California has 2 seasons: green and brown." Well, we are in the brown season right now...the only green areas are ones that are sprinkled by water daily. Below are some photos of the firemen setting a new area on fire...

In the last two photos, you can see the firemen walking up and down the row of fire, watching it closely. All around the area are fire trucks representing the different counties around the East Bay area. The skies have been quiet the last two days - the firefighting helicopters and planes haven't been around since Tuesday. They actually picked a good week to do this drill, for it has cooled off here (from high 80s over the weekend to a cool mid 70s) and the fog bank has arrived this morning from San Francisco adding moisture to the air as well.

While at the rink last night, I did manage to get a start on the 2010 Patriotic Quaker Heart (freebie) I also spoke about in yesterday's post. Here is a snapshot of my progress (the 2010 heart is the start below the finished - 2009 - heart):
Not very far...I know...but it is a start! I am hoping that I calculated the center point of the 2010 heart "correctly" so that both hearts line up and I can continue the blue/red satin stitched border around it. Thought I could finish this off as a pillow, maybe - or try my hand at a flat fold. First, I just need to sit my butt down long enough and finish it!

Thank goodness it is Friday! I am going to into work today (Friday is typically my day off - but I took Monday off this week instead), but there is no hockey clinic this evening - so we all will be able to relax at home this evening. I was thinking about cooking a nice meal for this evening so that we could sit down at the table together as a family...but we will see how I feel later this afternoon. The schedule of working, coming home, preparing pre-skate meals for the boys to eat at home, organizing post-skate recovery foods to take to the rink for the boys to consume after they skate and then the driving to and from the rink...well, by Friday I am pooped and ready to veg!

Have a nice Friday and weekend! Remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Elaine said...

Quaker heart looks lovely Lisa.
You sure are one busy Mom, enjoy your week-end!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lisa, seeing those burnt hills would freak me out for sure... since that dosen't happen very often up North!

Your heart looks great! I do hope you've got it all lined up properly, it'll be fantastic!

Did you cook that nice meal for the family?

Thanks for the stitching workout suggestion. I may try that... the next time the other half isn't around to make faces at me or ask what the ^&%$ are you doing?

mrsjohn said...

Quaker heart looks lovely Lisa.
You sure are one busy Mom Great effort.
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