Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family and Friends and Fierce Weather

Hello from the warm-muggy state of Minnesota. Robert (older son) and I came into town yesterday afternoon for a hockey tournament that starts tomorrow morning. We spent the extra day and a half visiting with family and friends. Last night we stayed over at my sister (my middle sister...I am the oldest of 3 girls) & brother-in-law's house, which gave us some quality time to visit. My BIL fixed some incredible bbq chicken, steak and hot link sausages. It was good eatin'! After dinner, we took a ride to visit my other sister (the youngest) and her family - they were getting ready to leave for a family vacation, so this was the only opportunity we would to visit with them. The youngest sister has 2 kids - a boy and a girl, who thought it was really "cool" to play catch with their older cousin

So, while the focus was on visiting with family it was friends. First up - I met with some girl friends who I went to high school with and haven't seen since we graduated Edina High School in 1986. We had a very nice time, talking about what we had done since we graduation, how we met our husbands and about our kids. I guess I should thank facebook for giving me the opportunity to track down "old" schoolmates and the chance to meet up with them when I get into town. :)
Afterwards, I did head back to my sister's house to pack up my stuff while waiting for Robert to get back...BIL took Robert for out for a "real man's breakfast"---> pancakes. Tasty! Once back and the car packed, we drove to meet up with another girl I have been friends with for over 30 years and whom I talk to weekly . She and I took a walk around a lake while Robert played with her 14 year old son.

My friend and I were pregnate at the same time, both having boys about 4 months apart. We have a photo of the two boys when they were just a few months old (unfotunately I don't have access to that photo right now), but here they are 14 years later. It is amazing to think that my friend and I met eachother when we were 14...and now here we are with 14 year old kids...yikes!
Robert and I left her house around 3pm and started to make our way to the hotel we are staying at..however, we had a couple of stops to make. First, was a drive by our old house (the one we left to move to California 6.5 years ago). It is always fun to see how the neighborhood has changed and to see how the old house looks. We did see the Red Maple was still growing in the front yard...I think that we planted that tree for a Father's day about 10 year ago .
The other stop was for Chinese appetizers at:

Robert's faborite Chinese restaurant in Minnesota.
Then it was time to get on the road to the hotel before rush hour traffic...which is where we are now. We have settled and an are in search for an Italian place to carbo load before tomorrow's games (Robert is...I will be looking for some green leafy food). Then later this evening...much later, I will be driving down to the airport to pick up some of the teammates. Due to the rough weather here - we are actually experiencing some tornado watches and warnings - planes have delayed. The plane with about 4 players and the coach have been delayed from a 8:30 landing to midnight. I just hope that they have a smooth flight and are able to make it in. to get going to feed the hockey player! Until next time:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Cole said...

Sounds like a fun start to the trip! Good luck in the tournament!

Elaine said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, must have been lovely to meet up with family and friends.