Saturday, June 12, 2010

A very special days ends with proud parents!

(Warning...this post will be photo heavy and the author will be bragging :)  )
Graduation...or promotion, which is what they tend to call it for these age groups...Day had finally arrived yesterday. It was a day that DH and I enjoyed watching both of our sons be awarded for their hard work and efforts! The first event was in the morning, was when Matthew was promoted from elementary school (5th grade).
The multi-purpose room was decorated in the school colors of yellow, green and white and definitely set the stage for a festive and grand event. At 9am the 5th graders filed in the doorway and sat down in anticipation.

After the Principal's welcome and several student speeches about their most memorable moments of 5th grade, it was time to acknowledge some of the scholars. The Presidential Academic "Gold" Award is given to the students who have achieved 90% or better in all their studies...and we were definitely proud when Matthew's name was called!
When all the awards were given out, it was time for the 5th grade to present the school with their class gift. The school mascot is the Green Gator - so after a few of the kids put on their green gator hats, the curtains on the stage parted to show their gift...

A Green Gator Mascot costume. I think that the 2010 5th grade class certainly left their mark behind :) After the gift presentation, it was time for each teacher to present the Promotion Certificates to their own students. Afterwards, we enjoyed watching the Now 6th graders...the new middle schoolers...walk out of the gym! How exciting!
Mrs. McGovern even posed with one last photo with Matthew, before the kids went to change into their "play" clothes so that they could play a game of kick ball against their 5th grade teachers - a tradition at Green Elementary!
One ceremony to go. After a quick bite of lunch, it was time for head to Robert's middle school for his ceremony.
The ceremony for the middle school was also held in their gym - but with a few more students, the room was packed...and very warm! But the excitement and energy filled the room!
AT 2pm, the (approx) 140 students filed into the gym and took their seats facing the stage filled with representatives from the school district board, the superintendent, principal, asst. principals and a selection of middle school teachers.

(in the middle is Robert in his white shirt, tie and black pants)
Once seated, the Pledge was said and then the middle school Glee club came to the front to sing the Star Spangled Banner (after-which we all wanted to yell: "Let's play hockey", but remembered that we not at a hockey game).
Once all the formalities were completed (the Principal's welcome and all the speeches from the superintendent, 8th grade ambassador, student body president, etc) it was time acknowledge the Valedictorians...which were the students who received a 4.0 every quarter throughout middle school.
And Robert's name was called!

Robert was 1 of 7 kids out of his graduating class (of approximately 140 students) who achieved a 4.0 for every quarter throughout middle school...that is 12 quarters of straight A's! Not only is that a wonderful accomplishment...but when you factor in all the late night hockey practices, missing school for hockey tournament travel and then juggling hockey/track at the end of the school years - well, he definitely deserves this award acknowledging his hard work, time management and effort!
When the award ceremony was complete, it was time for each student to be called up to receive their Certificate of Promotion...before filing out the gym as a "High Schooler". exciting. With a smile from ear to ear...the proud mother was ready to go out to celebrate! But before we did leave for an early celebratory supper, we ran home to take a few photos:
Ending with photos of the boys with their proud father and their proud mother...we headed out to celebrate with an early meal, a stop at the hockey shop to purchase a new stick for Matthew and then dessert at a yummy ice cream place, before settling in for the evening. It was a wonderful day!
Thank you for visiting - especially if you made it all the way down to the bottom of this post!
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valerie said...

Congrats to Robert and Matthew...Sounds like a fabulous day! And congrats to the proud parents too! :)

Tina said...

Congrats...and you know you are allowed to brag like this. :)

Elaine said...

Lisa no wonder you are both very proud parents, congratulations to both your sons!

Lisa V said...

Well done boys!
Congrats to you all.

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations Lisa to your two sons. You have every reason to be proud. And a pat on the back to you and your DH - you are doing a wonderful job with the boys.

Maggie said...

Big congratulations to your boys, sounds like a wonderful day - wish our schools in the Uk did more to celebrate the acheivements of our kids!

Have a good weekend

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a busy proud Mom day! Congratulations to both of your boys!

Carolyn NC said...

And you have every right to be proud of your boys. Job well done!! Congrats to them and you both. :)

Vonna said...

Much deserved proud parent moment! Congratulations to your boys and congratulations to you! Luckily, I know just how you feel :)

Cole said...

Wow, congrats to both your boys, they did very well!! You deserve to brag!! LOL