Sunday, May 30, 2010

I stitched my last heart on a Friendship RR...and other topics

Yesterday morning, I put my last stitch in my heart on Karen's Friendship Sampler RR, stitched my name next to it, ironed it to get out all the wrinkles, photographed it, packed it up and took it to the post office so it can finish up it's should be home to Karen next week. So, Karen, keep an eye out for the FedEx truck next week :)

Karen asked all of us to either use the DMC colors the charted listed or to have a little fun using what ever thread and color we long as it stayed within earthy tones. Since I couldn't decided what single color I wanted to stitch with, I found a overdyed color theme from Needle Necessities (#189) which I though embraced "earth tone" and would work well with the other colors the RR ladies used.

It is hard to believe that I (finally) stitched on the last RR. We started the Friendship Sampler RR back in February of 2009 - beginning with 18 members and finishing up with only 16. I will be the last member to get my own RR back home...WHY? make a long story short, in the summer of 2009 a couple of RRs were "stuck" at a members house and that member hadn't been heard from since - one of those RRs was mine. I decided to start over, by purchasing new fabric, stitching my first heart and then re-introducing it into the mail cycle; the other member (whose RR was "stuck" at this persons house) decided to quit. Since mine restarted about 6 months after the originial beginning, it will be the last to come home. But aside from the lenghth of this RR and having to restart, I know that my RR will come home soon - and the reward of having 15 remarkable women add a heart to this sampler will be priceless!

Early last week, Monday May 24th to be exact, I paid tribute to the birthday of my younger son. One of the traditions that we have in this household is decorating the kitchen and stairwell with Happy Birthday balloons and having a birthday breakfast (due to being so busy with school/work/hockey, breakfast time seems to be the best time for a family celebration). And the other tradition is to wear the birthday hat while posing for a birthday breakfast here is Matthew, my new 11 year old on his birthday last Monday (photo on the right). I still find it hard to believe that my boys are growing up so fast. Who would have thought I would have a 14 and an 11 year old...and what is even stranger is that I am almost the shortest one in the house hold. Oh, well...motherhood and life is a lot of fun and I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world.

Well, the Memorial Day weekend is still going strong. We had a nice evening yesterday as we entertained some friends from our hockey community that we are part of. It was a nice, relaxing bbq meal followed by a drive to the local Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. Today will be a relaxing day with nothing really on the agenda. Matthew has a birthday party to go to, but that is all. The sun is shining and it is suppose to be in the low 80s here...maybe we can get the sprinklers up and running so I can get my tomato plants planted...or the garage cleaned out a little more in preparation for my garage sale next weekend. Or maybe I will just sit on my bottom and stitch...

Well, whatever your plans are for this day may it bring a lot of Love, Life, Laughter and Stitching! Lisa


Cole said...

The RR has been an adventure! I don't think I'd be able to sit still waiting for it to come home!

The kids do grow up fast, don't they?? I remember thinking my parent were crazy when they talked about how fast time went, now I think they were exactly right! LOL

Enjoy your long weekend :)

Elaine said...

Such a pretty RR and such a shame you had to do another for yourself.
Great birthday photo!
Enjoy the rest of your week-end.