Thursday, June 10, 2010

Patriotic Heart...and the pending ending of school

Well, I finished the Patriotic "freebie" I wrote about a couple of days ago. The fabric I stitched it on is 28ct white evenweave (trust me, the fabric is white, I took the photo without the flash. With the flash, the photos looked too washed out and I wanted to make sure that I captured the richness of the thread colors) - stitching 2 over 2, using various of overdyed threads. It is a fun and quick project to stitch I just need to decide on it's finish.
In the mean time, I decided to stitch it again, to see what it would look like, using the Needle Necessities #2152 (the overdyed that goes from blue to red...with a little purple in is the color I used for the satin-stitched border of the big heart)...

...and I wanted to see what the design would look like when stitched 1-over-1 on 28ct even weave. Sometimes, when I find a simple, easy, quick pattern to stitch - I tend to get carried away - trying different colors, types of thread...just different ways to stitch the one pattern. I guess I am doing it with the Patriotic heart right now.
Do you ever experiement like this? Take a pattern that is quick/easy and see what it looks like with different colors, different kinds of floss, stitched on different sizes of fabric?

While I haven't put MW in hibernation, I just needed some pattern to get lost with - to let my "creative juices" flow, yet also allow me to stitch w/o too much thought in order to escape and/or meditate...and this is the perfect pattern for that. It also travels well, as the boys continue to go to their 4-day-a-week hockey clinic in the evenings. And even playing 'tag-team' with DH (one of us takes Matthew who has the early times of 5-8 and the other will take Robert who skates the later times of 6-9) it still makes for long evenings. Tonight, though, I will be down at the rink for both of the kids' skates, for DH is going to meet up with some friends.

The boys have 2 more days of school....or at least they will be attending the school for some activities, the education portion has been completed for sometime and these tend to be days where they show up and get to hang out with their school buddies. It isn't a "bad" thing...but after receiving a letter from the district stating Matthew was being labeled as "truant" because of 3 "unexcused" absences due to his participating in hockey tournaments (I followed procedure of calling the school's absentee line to let them know he would be gone and the honest reason for his absences - but unless he is absent due to sickness, it is an unexcused absence) I become a little upset at the non-instructional time they spend during few weeks of school. It all comes down to the money - for the school secretary told me that "for every day that the child is not in their seat when the bell rings, we loose $36".  Ok, I get the money thing - but at least provide some education to the kids for the duration of the school year instead of using the last few weeks to: go bowling, have school swim parties, enjoy an all day recess, practice for the promotion/graduation ceremony continuously, spend the day cleaning the rooms, allowing the kids to run around and sign yearbooks, etc. I am sorry, I didn't mean to go on about this - and I definitely don't want to sound like I am upset at the teachers or even the secretary who delivered the is just that the whole school system is messed up.

Well...anyway, the school year is just about over. Today Matthew & his 5th grade classmates go bowling and then have a picnic lunch before getting out of school around 12:30. Robert - he wasn't sure what they were suppose to be doing today; he also gets out of school early. Tomorrow is graduation for both - Matthew from 5th (elementary school) and Robert from 8th (middle school). Thank goodness that they are at different times. I am sure that I will have photos to share.

Well, thank you for visiting and sticking with this long winded post. Hope you have a great Thursday!
Remember....Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Rachel S said...

That patriotic heart looks so good. I think that is the prettiest finish of it I've seen.

Branlaadee said...

The patriotic hearts look great. I love fooling around with smalls too.

What about saying the kids are on vacation when you do the hockey tournies? Vacation is considered an excused abscence, isnt it? It seems stupid to have to use certain words, but whatever.

Tina said...

Love it!

corinna said...

love the hearts- hooray for summer!

DaisyGirl said...

Geez! I'm so glad to be done with the public school system! Here in GA, we were not considered truant until 8 days! Whew! Jacob missed 6 days this past year! Hang in there Mom! It's almost over! :)

Susan said...

I am sorry that your son was labeled a "truant" because he missed school when he wasn't sick - that's so wrong! I'd be tempted to just call in sick :(

I agree with you about the end of year activities - it seemed to me that once the TAKS (state mandated exams) were out of the way, there was not a lot of teaching going on. I can understand maybe having 2 goof-off days (a sports event, for example, and a graduation party), but having continuous "social" activities is not right, especially when there are children still struggling with learning everything that needs to be taught at that grade level.

Nice finish on your patriotic heart piece - I'm like you, when I find a motif I like, I'll experiment, etc.