Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sharing on Saturday

NOTE...if you are visiting my blog to read about the 8th grade Washington DC trip - above this post are links for each specific day. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by :)

I finished stitching my heart on April's Friendship Sampler RR last night and will be trying to make it to the post office so that I can send it along...little by little the RRs are finding their way home. I just have one more to stitch on...and mine is still in the Netherlands. Mine is trailing behind due to a situation last summer, where the original one I started and sent out 'got stuck' at one of the RR members house; since no one could reach her, we assumed that she dropped out - and unfortunately was holding my RR and one other members. I made the choice to start over with a new piece of fabric, so it will be home in another few months.

April requested every stitch in teals, limes, purples...kind of an ocean and springy feel to her RR. It is beautiful. I stitched my heart (you can see it on the bottom - 2nd one in) in a DMC varigated-type and white. I love the way it turned out...and I hope April does too.

Well, Saturday is here and without any early morning activities, everyone will have this opportunity to sleep in. I slept in extra hour at least...but I am on the stationary bike right now as I type out this post. I gotta get in my spin!
Today is Clean Up Dublin Day (Dublin, California that is). Robert (older son) is in a scholorship group at school which focuses on community service activities throughout the year. So, this morning, he will be going up to his school to help clean up the campus for a few hours. I think that Matthew's (younger son) school is also having an activity like that - but he hasn't mentioned anything about it. We are planning to walk with Robert to his school and then thought it would be fun to walk up to Matthew's school so that he could show DH and I the class garden that he has been working on with his fellow classmates. He is very proud of this garden. I am hoping that it survives over the summer (might have to talk with his teacher to see what we can do to help out during the summer vacation).

Working outside, which is something that I need to do here at home as well (clean out the garden and mow the lawn) is tricky right now as allergy season is horrible. Matthew has a persistant cough and runny nose...and now I have a cough that is developing. While he feels run down, I don't feel too bad as long as it doesn't seem to affect my breathing (that would really be a problem...LOL). Are allergies bad where you live? Listening to the news, it sound like allergy season is bad everywhere and more appearent now a days. Well, if you are suffering - take care!

Back to that the RR is complete, I have started the Lizzie Kate Exchange project and found some fabric that is easy to stitch on and will help the project get stitched faster. My goal is to be done stitching this one by this evening...and then I can start on my Seasonal Exchange. If I can keep on this schedule, I will definitely be able to make the May 1 mail date deadline. Keep your fingers crossed :)

Well, my blogging friends, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to visit. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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Carolyn NC said...

Love the RR - nice job!