Friday, April 30, 2010

And now it is Friday :)

Once again it was a late night - reviewing the Revolutionary War with Matthew (younger son) and finishing up projects with Robert (older son). But had a nice afternoon and evening, visiting with my parents.

My parents arrived from Minnesota around 2pm at my house after checking into the hotel and getting settled there. It was enough time to give them a snack (LOL...who is the child and who are the parents) and then start the afterschool activity taxi - first stop to pick up Robert from school for a track meet, which we dropped him off at the location of the meet (second stop) and then headed back to pick up Matthew from his school (third stop) and then back to the track meet. This was the first time my parents were able to see Robert run in a track meet - they enjoyed watching him run the 400 (which he placed 1st with a time of 59.8), the 100 and the 4x400 relay. Due to the track meet and the homework load, we decided to skip the hockey clinic again, grab some take out and head home.

Friday and the weekend upon us and my parents in town, we are planning a nice bbq dinner tonight...and then to bed at a decent time ---- YAHOO. Tomorrow morning is our only hockey committments and then we will use the remainder of the weekend to do some fun things with my parents as well as get in a little R&R.

BTW...the mailperson was a sight for sore eyes yesterday as she delivered some "stash".  First was the next installation of the Little House Needleworks Monthly Samplers - May and June. I received a gift certificate to and I have been using it to purchase this collection of  these LHN kits. While I have not made time to start any of them, I did purchase the fabric, so when I am ready I can. My plan is to stitch all of them on one piece of maybe I will collect/purchase them all this year and make this the project of 2011.

The other "stash" item in my mail box, was the second to the last piece for the Society of Soie Surfine Series #1. You can read about Series #1 and get information on the whole program on the Society of Soie Surfine blog. The item I received was

Soie Surfine - Northern Lights
Northern Lights is a beautiful blue and fits very well with the other colors from Series #1. The last part to arrive is the brown color floss - Cocolat. Again, I have just been 'collecting' these; haven't had or made the time to stitch with them or the fabric that was also part of the series. The Soie Surfine blog has some examples of stitching projects which one of the ladies at Needle in a Haystack (my not so LNS) has completed. I saw them in person when I went statsh shopping at NiaH a few months is very tiny stitches - but beautiful!

Well, my blog friends I wish you a wonderful weekend. May it be filled with a lot of love and laughter...and time to sit and stitch!
Take care!

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Irene said...

I'm also collecting the Soie Surfine Series #1, not sure what I'm going to stitch them.