Monday, April 5, 2010

Mummbling on Monday

Hi all...hope you had a nice weekend and Easter holiday. Out in the backyard, the boys found plastic eggs most of them were filled with dollar bills - guess the bunny knew that the boys weren't big candy eaters (and that Mom & Dad really didn't need the sugar and calories). And with the boys getting ready to take some trips: Robert to DC for the 8th grade trip and Matthew to Chicago for an upcoming hockey tournament - personal spending money comes in handy. After a quick Easter egg hunt and breakfast, DH took both boys to the rink for a 2-1/2 hour practice and I stayed home and cleaned the bottom floor of the house. I know, not the most exciting thing to do when one has the house to themselves...but it really needed to be done and with everyone out of my hair, it makes for a good situation to really focus.

PIF Announcement...Kelly and Brandy will be receiving a special package in the mail from me probably sooner than later, even thought the guidelines say that I have a year. I have sent both of you an email requesting your snail mail address. 

After reading the comments on my last post, as well as on the Mary Wigham SAL-USA blog, I wanted to thank everyone for the support of just leaving my "error".  I have just left it and finished that flower/vine motif and moved onto the one with the squirrel...which I am just about finished with and will probably be posting a photo in the next couple of days. 

Spring Break is in full force this week, but I cannot report that it is going to be too exciting. We are not planning to go anywhere or take any exciting day trips because: 
  1. Robert (older son) has some homework to do...with the 8th grade Washington DC trip coming soon (April 14-19) the teachers have been very nice to give the kids missing school those days the majority of their homework to work on over the Spring Break (if they choose to) so that they don't have to worry about it while on the trip. Influenced by his school mates on Facebook, he got up this morning and is fired up to get all of his history completed today (guess there is some good that does come from chatting with friends late at night on Facebook)
  2. Matthew (younger son) has hockey practice...his team advanced to State Finals, which takes place this coming weekend with the first game being played Friday @ 11am. Since we believe that practices are important to play in games (kind of like studying for a test), Matthew will be at the last 2 practices leading up to the State Finals Weekend.
  3. Hockey Academy Clinic (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)...both boys have been enrolled in a spring clinic which takes place in the evenings down in San Jose. It started a couple of weeks ago and goes until May 20th. Robert will attend all three evenings this week, but Matthew only 2 because his practice takes priority Monday (tonight).
So that basically covers the majority of the activities we will be doing this week during Spring vacation - however we will need to find time to do a little shopping for nice clothing for Robert for the DC trip - he was chosen as one of the 4 who will be laying the wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown he will need a shirt, tie and nice pants for that. He will also need some nice clothing for when we tour the White House. I say "we" because I have signed up/paid to go as a chaperon. I am getting just as excited as he is, for it is going to be a wonderful trip!
Well, blogging friends...thank you again for visiting. Hope you have a good week and remember...
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Branlaadee said...

Thank you for the PIF, Lisa! I am excited to see what you've picked out. I'll get my PIF posted up soon on my blog.

Sounds like you have a busy spring break planned! I am spending the first half of mine with no running water for 3 days. My complex owners always seem to pick the worst days for stuff like this. Everyone has kids home for the week? let's turn the water off for 9 hours a day! Big fair across the street? Let's refinish the parking lot and make everyone park on the street. blah blah blah. LOL

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lisa, your DC trip sounds like its going to be great! I've driven past DC but never had time to stop, I'd love to go there so I'm jealous!

Hope you'll have pictures to share.