Friday, April 23, 2010

Finally it is Friday

NOTE...if you are visiting my blog to read about the 8th grade Washington DC trip - above this post are links for each specific day. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by :)

Friday has arrived here and with it, brings a weekend without too many committments - YAHOO! After getting back from DC I feel like I have been playing "catch up" home and at work; with sleep and with stitching.

Just a quick note about the "note" you know I have blogged about the DC trip I chaperoned (something that I loved doing: chaperoning and blogging). Well, many of the kids who went on the trip as well as their families, were interested in reading what I had posted - so since I would like to get back into my normal blogging routine, I thought I would put a link on top of the blog to provide easy access to the daily trip posts.

First...while in DC....I found out that I won a giveaway that Marjorie (the Pumpkin Patch Stitcher) held - and I received the package yesterday. Here is what I won (I had to borrow the photo from Marjorie's camera is low on battery power right now):
Isn't it cute? I love the Strawberry print, the red & white gingham and the denim looking bottom. But that is only one side of the tote, it is reversable (inside is more of the strawberry print and gingham). It is a nice summery bag to haul stitching stuff to and from the rink :) Thank you Marjorie!

So, where am I in my stitching...well, I am in stitching stress-ville right now; hoping to make a lot of time to sit and stitch over the weekend.

Friendship RR - I finally received the second to last RR to stitch on. It is April's. It took over 3 weeks for the package to get from the last RR member (who was in AZ) to me and several tries to send it. For some reason the package was deemed "undeliverable" the first time Kathy sent it. It traveled from Arizonia, to the city where I live in Northern California only to be "undeliverable", went back to AZ and then back here and finally arrived back in Kathy's hands. The post office didn't offer any logical reasons for the well travelled package - so Kathy sent it back out and it did arrive here safe & sound. So, stitching my heart on April's Friendship RR is my first priority so that I can get it sent out to the next person on the list ASAP!

Exchange Stitching - ugh, the May 1 deadline for 2 exchanges is rapidly approaching. I have the patterns picked out for both exchanges (Lizzie Kate and Seasonal Exchange) and got them kitted up for the DC trip - as I figured we had a lot of travel time (airplane rides and sitting in airports). However, for the life of me, I just couldn't stitch on the fabric that I chose for each project. So, as soon as I finish the RR I will either need to find different fabric or try to make the chosen fabs to work.

Well, that should catch you up with the happenings in my life right now. This weekend, as mentioned, will be pretty low key with the only committment being a hockey team party for Matthew (younger son) on Sunday evening. That should give us time to rest and regroup as a family.

So, blogging buddies, until next time...remember:
Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Kathy A. said...

Lovely, lovely gift that you won.

I am so glad that RR is safe in your hands. I was stressed too wondering if it would ever arrive. Enjoy stitching. Only one more to go and it should be there for me first of May.

corinna said...

ahhh home
but i loved the dc trip synopsis
am going there soon with hubby and
Ds3 --- so seeing your pics was great....

Siobhan said...

What a lovely bag! I'm glad you're back safe & sound. Enjoy the weekend!