Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Stitching Status Report & Other Updates

Well, I find myself up and going on Saturday morning, the first official start to the boys' spring vacation. They got out yesterday at 12:30pm; well, Matthew (younger son) did. Robert (older son) had to stay after and make up a Spanish test - what a bummer of a start to his vacation, huh? He was going to try and take it during class, since they really weren't doing anything for the 40 minutes except for having a party (during 1/2 days, they do attend all their classes but they are shorter versions); but because the music was loud and the kids were partying, he thought it would have been a distraction for Robert and, thus, told him to take it after school. So, for the 40 minutes of the class - not only did the kids goof off, but some of them even left the class to join parties in the other classes. It would have been better just to start spring break a little earlier (or at least let Robert take his test). Nevertheless, it really wasn't a big deal...just one of those things that happen.

Stitching Updates

I know that I posted "A Walk in the Park" earlier in the week, but I thought I would post it again. I heard from my sister on Thursday evening. The gift had arrived in Minnesota and she loved it! I didn't talk with her directly, but she left a long message on my voice mail saying that she is going to use the box to save Max's collar, photos and other mementos (it is one of those unfinished cigar boxes from Michael's which I painted the outside black and lined the interior in the fabric that you see on the little circle buttons). That is exactly what I was thinking when I made the gift for her :)

Mary Wigham Update

Here is where I am with MW. I have really been working on it every chance I have - it is addicting - but I find that I really need to focus. Not only because I am stitching on 40ct - 1 strand over 2 - but it is very easy to get the counting off. And while most people wouldn't notice....the counting is messed up in the little berry colored flower on the top of the green stem, as I noticed last night. Now, since I am just about done with the flower (still have a few more stitches to put into it before I call it complete) I am trying to decide: 
  1. Do I let the "messed up" count go? It wouldn't mess up the placement of any other motif and no one looking at it would point to the "mistake" and say: "OMG, Lisa, you messed that up!"
  2. Do I rip out the flower and start over? I know that it is messed up, and for awhile it would bother me. But the phrase: "It is ok to make mistakes, only God is perfect." goes through my head. When I was in Girl Scouts, many years ago, and we were working on our craft badge, one of the other girls was in tears because she "messed up" her Christmas ornament. It "wasn't perfect" she told the leader, "and it needs to be perfect because it is for my mother." That is when we stopped and got lectured about living up to the best of our abilities. Strange how back then it was "ok" to talk about God in something like Girl Scouts and now it would be frowned upon.
Anyway...those are the 2 options I am struggling with.  And here is a close up of the area that I have been working on this week and were the impending "error" is:

On the agenda for today...Matthew has a hockey scrimmage around 4pm today as they are getting ready to go to State Finals next week. They are scrimmaging the other Northern California team in order to work on their team skills. Tomorrow (yes, on Easter Sunday) they have practice from 10:15am-12:45pm. Just enough time to see if the Easter Rabbit came (which reminds me, I need to get prepared for that little bunny to visit) and eat breakfast. Don't forget to enter in the PIF give-a-way (click on "pif" to make sure that you sign up on the right post). The "rules" state that I must send to 2 people...I do have one and I will follow through with my obligations for that 1...but the more the merrier! Tomorrow is the deadline.

Take care my blogging friend and remember...Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often! Lisa


Branlaadee said...

Leave the mistake and move on. Why waste the time frogging when you can use that time to continue. :)

The box is awsome. I can see why your sister loves it. It was very thoughtful of you.

Carolyn NC said...

Can't even see where there's a mistake - move on! With motifs, there's always more flexibility! Love Maxwell - great finish.

valerie said...

So glad to hear your sister loved the box and will keep special mementos in it! That's terrific!

I'd keep the error in too. These quakers are so forgiving and no one will notice. If you're OCD...then I understand the frogging but it's unwarrented.

corinna said...

looks like a keeper
so keep on going
its fantastic as it

Dani - tkdchick said...

I always find the day before spring break or any other holiday such a waste, I work in a school and there never is much going on. But if we started a day earlier because of this the same thing would just happen the day before. So there's nothing we can do about. There's also high absenteeism on these days.

You know what, leave that mistake alone, if its won't mess anything up why do it all over again?

Catherine said...

Looks beautiful to me!

Stephanie (Joie de Bayou) said...
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