Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday...but wish that it didn't come so fast

First...I would like to say "Thank you" to all the Anniversary Well Wishes. DH and I didn't do anything special that day to celebrate, but we did acknowledge the milestone with special thoughts of our life together. As tacky as this sounds...he sent me a very special email recounting our life together and what it means to him. I was reading it while getting the boys ready for hockey and tears were developing in my eyes. Matthew looked over and asked why I was crying...I told him that I loved his father and he loved me. Matthew looked at me and said, "ok, whatever." to love them :)

Well, we find ourselves at Friday - the last official day of the spring break (yes, we do have the weekend ahead of us, but I really don't consider that part of spring break). I did enjoy the time home with the kids...even though we still had evenings with hockey to run to. I did enjoy the opportunity to sleep in...but did jump out of bed this morning to get back into the routine as we do have some early morning things to attend to. 

Yes, it is Friday - which brings us the first day of Matthew's State Hockey Finals. His first game is today at 11am, but he has to be down in San Jose around 9:45am for warm-ups and stretching out. Yesterday I ironed on the letter "A" on his jerseys, for he has been chosen to be one of the assistant captains of his team - a special role. I wish the kids good luck! Go Tri-Valley Blue Devils Squirt A team...go Matthew!

Yes, it is Friday - which brings us to the day that Robert gets braces put on. I will be taking him to the ortho this morning (thus, missing Matthew's first state final's game); what a way to end Spring Break, huh? Well, this should have been done way back in August so that we would have had most of the expense taken care of before DH was done with his current job (that is a subject for another post at another time).

And, yes, it is Friday - a day to show off some of my stitching to my blog friends. First up...I head from Lisa V, as she received the ornament I sent to her (Ornament Swap). Here is what I made for her:
I knew that she like snowmen and Prairie Schooler I stitched up this guy, using the colors it called for and Lakeside Linen (might be 32ct). I added a little Krienk Blending Filament to the snowflakes to put a little glitter on them...and then a little red flower button on the snowman's hat. It was a fun one to stitch up and finish.

Next, an update to my Mary Wigham...

I finished the flower motif (the one with a stem in GAST grape leaf and flowers in GAST berry cobbler) without frogging the little error and then went onto the squirrel motif and the little motifs around the squirrel. I am waiting to stitch the initial as per the pattern, because I am thinking about personalizing it with the initials of my family and maybe even the birth dates...but I want to finish stitching all the motifs first.
The squirrel area stitched up pretty, I started the last motif on the top right-hand corner (not in either photo) - hoping to finish that this weekend before I have to put MW into hibernation on Monday. Monday is the day that I need to start kitting up two exchanges - Lizzie Kate and the Seasonal Exchange - for the upcoming trip to Washington D.C. I am going as a chaperon for Robert's 8th grade class. We leave next Wednesday at 3am in the morning...and I have a little organizing I need to do for that as soon as the weekend is over.

That is the Friday update, my blogging friends. This evening we are planning a Family dinner, something that we haven't done in awhile - thought it would be nice to grill up some meat and sit down as a way to end a relaxing spring break as well as have a little celebration of our Anniversary, a celebration of Robert's awesome 3rd quarter report card, a celebration of Matthew's hockey teams advance to state finals and just a celebration of what our life is - wonderfully blessed. 

I wish you a very happy Friday and may it be blessed with love, family and friends! Lisa


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

your GAST is coming along beautifully. As far as that email...print it and cherrish it for ever. It's the little things in life that leave the deepest impression in our hearts.
Be always in stitches.

corinna said...

your m.w. is gorgeous
i love the progress,colors
it is inspiring
i see the finished ones on needleprint and they are all lovely
but seeing it in progress is pullig at my stitchy soul a bit more
have a good wknd....
i will be thinking good thngs for your boys
go funny as i cannot even follow the puck during a game
but i love the spirit of youth sports
oh and a tardy bon anniversaire

Angela said...

I almost fainted when I saw the ornie you stitched for Lisa as it was almost the one that I did too :) Love your WIP, the colors are so pretty. Hope you have a great weekend :)

Catherine said...

What a cute snowman! And you MW is looking good!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Branlaadee said...

That was so sweet of your husband! My DH always sends me romantic emails too.

MW is coming along great. She looks lovely. I love the ornament you made.

Good luck on your sons game today! Sorry the other has to get braces.

If we dont talk before you leave for DC, I hope you guys have a safe and wonderful trip!

valerie said...

Lisa, you're MW is coming along great. Your needle is smoking! How did I get so behind on gifts?! Still with the gifts and no Mary in sight!

Good luck to Matthew and poor Robert. I had braces for 3 years...hated every moment. But the payoff was well worth it.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jude said...

Your very talented! I love your snowman finish its gorgeous.

Carolyn NC said...

Cute ornie and great progress on MW!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, what a touching way for your hubby to make the day special and make you feel special too. It dosen't take a gift, it takes words and gestures.

Siobhan said...

Lisa, your MW is gorgeous!! Love the ornament, too--I did that one for my daughter. I think it's so cute.

Thinking good hockey thoughts and mouth thoughts for your sons... I hope the braces aren't too painful.

I hope your Monday morning isn't too painful, either! It's the end of two weeks of spring break for us, too. I *almost* wish I home schooled, because I will miss the kids. I said, almost... ;)

Pumpkin said...

Happy (belated) Anniversary Lisa!

You did a lovely job on your ornie and your MW is looking gorgeous :o)