Monday, April 29, 2013

And it's Monday again

Dearest Friends,
Thank you so much for your comments on my Family Sampler. Those comments mean so much to me!

So much for the weekend. I think that Saturdays and Sundays are almost as busy as the week days. As a parent and a small business owner, I am thinking it really doesn't matter if it is a Monday, a Friday or the Saturday/Sunday weekend. Each days seems as busy as the next, especially with these two busy boys.

Anyway, amongst the busyness, I did manage to sit my behind down in my little corner on the couch (which has been deemed "my spot") and stitch. I finished the motif I have been stitching on my Mary Wigham...
A finished motif on Mary Wigham.
Stitched with TGA Dungarees
With that complete and 40-count playing games with my eyes, it was time to put Mary to bed for awhile and bring out something that might be easier on my eyes. 

Looking through my stash, I spied Little House Needleworks "Sampler Months" (Designed by Diane Williams - Copyright 2010). I remember seeing this series being announced in the Needlework world, and being a fan of LHN I knew that I had to have this :) So I ordered it through my LNS - the whole series. It is great, each installment came with the pattern and corresponding floss. And I ordered the fabric from my LNS, which came with the first pattern. So for the last 2-3 years, I have had everything for this series sitting in my stash pile...waiting...and waiting...and waiting...
"Monthly Sampler" Series by Little House Needleworks
Each kit comes with patter and required floss - came out in 2010
So, on Saturday, the "Sampler Months" came out of the stash pile and I got a pretty good start over the weekend.
"January" - "Sampler Months" by LHN
Stitched on LL Vintage Lt. Examplar 36ct
I have decided to stitch all 12 on one piece - stitching 3 across and 4 down. The wonderful ladies at my LNS created a diagram on the back of the fabric identifier label of the 3x4 and noted that I needed a 3" margin from the edges (it was nice to have that note! How many of us would have remembered that information if it wasn't written down?).

 However, when I started stitching January, I know that my margin is less than 3" from the top and the left hand-side. I always get nervous putting in that first stitch, especially when it is a large project. While I have done large things before, I have never stitched a big project that consists of fitting several pieces together (aka a series). So I decided that I would error on having less margin on top and left...just didn't want to run out of room later. Make sense?

Anyway, it was nice to have time to sit and stich this weekend. It is relaxing and something that is well deserved - to sit on my butt and relax! We are entering into a crazy 2 week period, so getting in a little R&R now is excellent!

Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching and very pretty series of sweet charts..
Hugs x

valerie said...

Nice to see Mary acquire a new motif! Great start on your new project. It's always hard putting in that first stitch.