Friday, April 26, 2013

My Family Sampler is framed, home and hung!

My Family Sampler arrived home! Isn't it beautiful? I just love the framing done by Jill Rensel Studios, especially the extra touches she does. It just adds that "extra-something-special" to your finished stitching project. If you aren't aware of her work, go to her blog to see her other finished framing jobs! Her name and recommendation was given to me by several of my stitching friends: Valerie V and Brandy.  

Family Sampler by Little House Needleworks
Started: January 1, 2011 - Finished December 31, 2012
Hung on the wall - April 24, 2013
I hung this upstairs right by the doorway to my bedroom. I can see it when I am in bed. Corny, huh? It has been a very long time since I have finished a big project and had it framed for me :) This project really was suppose to have been done quicker than it was; for it was suppose to done for my 20th wedding anniversary...but you all know how things get in the way of our love for stitching.

In addition to that milestone, this sampler is also special because of those Red Birds in the trees. They were suppose to have been stitched in black, but I decided that they should be Cardinals. "Why?" you might ask...well, my husband and I met at college - at Washington University in St. Louis. St. Louis loves it Cardinals - Cardinal baseball and, back then, it's Cardinal football team. When my husband and I went to school there, my grandparents lived there.

My St. Louis grandparents were like a surrogate mom & dad to me all my life. My sisters and I would stay with them for a week or so in the summer...they would come to our house and stay with us when my parents would travel...we would be together on holidays and life cycle events. So when I went away to school - I had the best of both worlds...I was being independent, living away from my family. However, if I got homesick or needed a home-cooked meal, grandma & grandpa were never far away.  Anyway, when I started stitching my Family Sampler, I felt that it would be appropriate to stitch the birds in red. As I know that my grandparents are watching over me and my family.
Boy, am I glad that it is Friday. I get some time to go out for my walk/jog this morning and get this day to get caught up on stuff around the house. It has been a crazy week with our stores because of Administrative Assistant's Day, which was on Wednesday. We had a lot of arrangements to make on Wednesday and I was the main chocolate dipper. I had over 300 banana pieces to dip in chocolate. Yikes! Lots of standing at the chocolate warmers dipping :) Well, we are gearing up for Mother's Day which is a very, very busy weekend. It is all good...just exhausting! 

Anyway, I will let you go! Thank you for visiting me today. I hope that you have a great Friday and good weekend. Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


Cole said...

Oh Lisa, it's beautiful!!! Jill did a fabulous job complementing your stitching!

cucki said...

So sweet x

valerie said...

Gorgeous sampler Lisa! I would totally put it in a place I could see it all the time too if it were mine. I just love the hand painted mats and moulding. Love it!

Deborah said...

Beautiful finish! The framing is stunning.

Karen said...

Your sampler is beautiful! Love the frame and mat too.... I know you will treasure this finish.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

What a lovely job you did with your family sampler and the Framing is perfect. Kudos.
As always

Catherine said...

Beautiful finish and I love the birds and the significance behind them!

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful!!! Love it!