Thursday, May 2, 2013

And we are back in business...

You know that saying - "when it rains, it pours"? Well, it seems that just about everything that seems difficult to live without went on the fritz this week.

Broken thing #1:
Over the weekend, the freezer read 10-degrees and the refrigerator read 40-degrees. It seems that our refrigerator-freezer gets "sick" this time of the year...the time when the spring sun starts to come through our kitchen window and warms the heck out of this room. Typically we try to live with it, doing all sorts of things to drive the temperature down - like moving it out from the wall and putting a fan behind it. However, because life is going to get crazy-busy next week, I decided to schedule an appointment with the Sears repairperson immediately. Our appointment was Tuesday afternoon. The guy came, diagnosed the problem and fixed it. Now our 10 year old GE frig/freezer is "well" and temps are back in the normal area (freezer is at 0-degrees and refrigerator is at 37-degrees).

Broken thing #2:
Monday afternoon, after my DH napping time, we found out that the internet wasn't working. With Comcast on the phone, neither DH or Comcast could figure out what the problem was. Finally, it was just time to schedule an appointment with Comcast to get the Internet working again. An appointment was set for Wednesday morning. is amazing how dependent we have become on the internet and wireless. The boys couldn't log into their school websites to get their homework - thus, they had to rely on writing down their assignments or calling a friend to get it. The boys couldn't play their internet games while eating breakfast or vegging out after their homework was done. DH and I couldn't log into the stores remotely. We couldn't use our wireless printer. All internet-related entertainment was halted Monday & Tuesday evening. We had to rely on getting our entertainment from the TV alone; nevertheless, it did allow us to actually talk to each other without internet interruptions.

Well, long story-short...we are back in business. Internet is back up and running...and with a new router, we now have wireless too.

However, without wireless...and with time on my hands to wait for all the repair people that were scheduled to visit, I did get some "X's" put in to LHN "Monthly Sampler - January"
"Monthly Sampler" - January by LHN
Got the border for January basically complete and started the tree. I do need to stitch the green "X's" between each of the diamonds in order to "officially" call the border done. However, I really wanted to get to some of the larger areas to stitch.

I will have time today to put in some "X's" as I sit at the Ortho. Matthew (younger son) is getting his braces off this afternoon. Pretty exciting. Although there might be a little sibling envy to deal with tonight; for Robert (older son) got his braces on a year before Matthew and still has them on. Hopefully Robert will be done soon.

Well, that is about all here for now. Thank you for visiting. Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!


cucki said...

Sweet stitching,,,
Sending you lots of love xx

ComcastCares1 said...

I am glad your Comcast service is now restored. If you need help in the future, please feel free to contact us!

Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations