Saturday, April 13, 2013

Frustration and a finish

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Well, I finished my owl projects - which brought lots of frustration & well as on "happy dance".

First of all, here are the finished stitched pieces:
Owl Heart - from "Happy Hearts" Designed by Lucie Heaton; page 47 in 365 Cross Stitch Designs Vol. 2.
DMC colors as per the chart.
Owl Hearts - from "Happy Hearts" Designed by Lucie Heaton; page 47 in 365 Cross Stitch Designs Vol. 2.
DMC colors customized - #211, #550, #907, #956, #B5200
Tawny Owl Bookmark - from "Nature's Harvest" Designed by Lesley Teare in 365 Cross Stitch Designs Vol. 2.
DMC colors as per charted, but used Linen DMC
Now that all the owl projects were stitched, I decided to spend today - Saturday - finishing these; for we didn't have anywhere to go today and it was a nice relaxing day at home to do such a thing. So, I took out my sewing machine and all the supplies that I needed to turn the Owl Hearts into pillows and the Tawny Owl bookmark into a...bookmark, of course.

Well, now the frustration comes into play. I knew what I needed to do to turn the Owl Hearts into little pillows, but I just couldn't make things work out. First I totally destroyed the blue owl heart beyond use and then after an 1/2 hour I totally made mince meat out of the purple heart. Doesn't it make you sick to your stomach when you take your stitching pieces that you worked so hard on and totally destroy them? Maybe this doesn't happen to anyone else but me. Well, it makes me sick!!!!!

However, I did have one bright happy dance. Here is the book mark:
The Tawny Owl Bookmark
I was able to finish the bookmark and feel good about it. I love the little owl bead that I found at JoAnn's Fabrics, for this made a great topper to the bookmark. I will send this out to my mother on Monday with a book that I got her at the Holocaust Museum when I was in DC. 

Now that those things are is time to move on to some of the projects that are waiting for me in my stash pile. I have Lizzie Kate Halloween Mystery Sampler which I started by in October 2012 that is 1/3 done. Then there is Blue Ribbon Designs Blue Jeans and Daisies which hasn't been started yet. And then there is the new addition to my stash collection: Little House Needleworks "Needleworker"...which I have been seeing on other blogs and on Facebook and felt that I couldn't live without :) MMmmmmm...which should I put needle to? 

Well, I will let you think about it and will reveal my decision in my next post.

Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!

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Caitlin Jordan said...

beautiful finish :D I made a heart once and it is extremely difficult to sew! I hope it does go a bit easier.