Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Wednesday...It's June...

Happy June 1st. With the weather we are having the local tv station nicknamed this month "Jun-uary". It has been cold, gray, rainy here with snow up in the Tahoe/Sierra Mountains. Well, just so that the weather doesn't get me or anyone else down, I did get to snap a few shots of our beautiful roses which are blooming:

We do have other colors of roses - red, pink, yellow, white and purple...but this one, which I think is called Candy or Cotton Candy, is my favorite. When they bloom there are shades of pink, purple and yellow. They are spectacular. As you see I was playing with the camera and took one in sepia tones.

How was your Memorial Day weekend? My parents, from Minnesota, were in town. It was nice to have them here for a few days. They got to spend a lot of time with their grandsons as I was busy working in *The Store* and DH was busy working in the *New Store* in order for it to be ready for it's opening mid-June. But grandma and grandpa didn't have anyproblems hanging out with their grandsons, especially since they don't get that opportunity very often. It was "Golfing with Grandpa" on Saturday followed by a shopping trip to the Hockey store on Sunday (both boys received some new hockey equiptment from the grandparents - very nice indeed!). We also enjoyed a wonderful meal on Saturday night - grilled steaks & chicken the rain...and all sat down around the table: DH, me, the boys and my parents. Good food, good wine...lots of laughter and love!

Monday - Memorial Day - mom and dad left in the early afternoon while DH and I were working in *The Store*. We gave our employees the holiday off and we came in for 1/2 day to make several arrangements and get them delivered before closing the store and heading home for an afternoon nap. Here is one of the special Memorial Day arrangements I made for a customer for their holiday picnic:
Strawberries dipped in white chocolate and then in blue sprinkles, White chocolate covered strawberries and then strawberries "naked"...white & dark covered bananas (many times the white/dark chocolate covered bananas get mistaken for marshmallows in the photographs)...melons, pineapple daisies and stars...YUMMY!
The customer was definitely WOWed when she picked it up!

Between visitors, working in the store and finding opportunities to get in a good jog or a bike ride, I did make some time for stitching. First of all I did put the finishing touches on the ornament for Angela for the Ornament Swap...and will drop it off at the post office today! In addition, I have been working on the pineapple some more and this is what it looks like now:
Definitely looking like a pineapple, don't you think? I am just down to the "confetti" stitches within the pineapple, which are very tedious to try and figure out which color is which right now, but I figure I will be done with this part within a day or two. Below the pineapple is more greenery. I do have a deadline for this project - June 13, the day one of our employees gets back in town from her month long vacation visiting family. She likes square pillows, so I will probably finish it off as one...just need to find some fun fabric for the backing. MMmmmm, I think I have some ideas.

Well, friends it is time for me to wrap this off. I was so excited that I was able to get my a$$ out of bed and on the stationary bike as well as update my blog! Good start to the Wednesday morning, good start to June!

Hope all is well with you...until next time, remember:

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Angela P said...

Very pretty pic of the rose but my favorite are the Champagne ones which were in my wedding bouquet.

Sounds like you had a nice Memorial Day even though you did work at "the store". I think that fruit arrangement looks completely yummy :) I see a lot of my favorites in there too!

Great progress on the pineapple!

Branlaadee said...

I heard junuary on the news this morning too. LOL It made me laugh. Glad you had a good time with your parents! The roses are beautiful. I miss having some around my place. And it definitely looks like a pineapple! It's going to make a great pillow.