Thursday, June 9, 2011

Missing - A Mother..."Are You My Mother?"

I got to thinking about the Dr. Seuss Book: Are You My Mother?
For if you see a greyish bird flying around, looking lost and sad, you might need to give her directions to the top of our front door...

What use to be 5 hungry mouths, is down to 4 as of this afternoon -
looks like one fell out of the nest and was becoming lunch to a lot of ants
 (it made me tear up and I had to wash the ants off and move the poor thing; allowing it to die in peace).
It has been awhile since I have seen either the mother or the father of this little family.
I am hoping they didn't go away and abandon their hungry offsprings.

Sadly yours,


Branlaadee said...

That's so sad! Poor little guy. I hope the parents come back soon. The rest of them look hungry!

On a side note, that was my younger brother's favorite book. He had the whole thing memorized by the age of 2 and if you skipped a word or page, he'd make you go back and read it again. LOL

MoonBeam said...

I'm always so excited to see a nest in my yard, but almost instantly realize that this probably will eventually mean heartache.