Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

Well, I really don't know how wacky things are today - actually they are kind of "hum-drum" and I feel a little laid back, which I guess is kind of strange for me. With the decision of what we will be doing regarding our committments for hockey spring/summer clinics made, I feel much more least with this part of our life. Now I can pull together a routine comprised of the boys' school schedule, track schedule and hockey...leaving room to worry coordinating stuff my job combined with things going on at *Our Store*. Easter and Mother's day are coming up which should translate into good business for *Our Store* - - - lots of chocolate dipped pineapple bunnies for Easter and strawberries for Mother's Day!

Anyway, enough of all that...I would like to show you all some of the things I have been working on lately. First up, I want to show you the progress I made on Family Sampler over the weekend I was in Chicago:
 While in Chicago, I finished up the strawberry vine and the wavy line underneath. There are still a few flowers and details I need to add in this row, but it was hard to do the little detail work while on the road (in the plane, sitting at the rink, etc).

A close up of the strawberry vine row
I needed to be stitching the larger areas that make it easy to gossip while stitching :) Ooops, hockeymoms never gossip, do

I have also been working on another project. Last week I took out the knitting needles and started to knit this simple purple scarf:

My niece turns 9 next month and is going through a hard time (my younger sister has been struggling with her marriage and just made THE big decision; many of my prayers and thoughts have been directed to her & her children during the last 10 months) - I thought that she could use a little purple scarf "hug" to remind her that she is loved and cared for. I don't know if she likes the color purple...but I hope so.

Well, that is about all here on this wacky Wednesday, which really isn't too wacky. Hope that all is well with you and yours. Until next time, remember...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


Branlaadee said...

Family Sampler is looking great. I love the easy stitching for when you need to stitch and chat at the same time!

I am sure your niece will love the scarf. It's very pretty! I didnt know you knitted too!

Angela P said...

Family sampler is looking fantastic and you have made really great progress on it too :)

I'm tempted to break out the knitting needles too and a scarf is exactly what I want to start with!

Vonna said...

It is looking so great Lisa! I've had mine finished and at my LNS for framing since Feb....and STILL it is not done yet :(
You'll have yours done, framed and hanging on your walls by the time my LNS gets around to mine....
Happy Easter!

Kelly said...

Family sampler is very lovely. The scarf is very pretty!