Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Back home and caught up

Back home from the hockey tournament in Chicago. Flying into the Chicago Midway airport on Thursday afternoon...the day of all those tornados and bad weather in the southern mid-west...wasn't very fun! Lots of turbulence and several quick drops, making it feel like we were on a roller coaster ride as we were into our final decent into the airport. I was very happy to be on the ground, but it took awhile for my stomach to leave my throat.

The tournament started on Friday with two games to be played, followed by two games on Saturday and Sunday and the semi-finals on Sunday morning. Yes, that is right I said: SEMI-FINALS! Matthew's (my youngest) team made it into the semi-finals by beating another team from California (strange to come all the way to Chicago to play a team from home)...this is the first time that Matthew's team made it to a semi-final game by winning a quarter-finals game. It definitely was an accomplishment. In the Semi-Finals, they met up with a very good team and lost 6-3.

With two games a day, there wasn't time for much except:




The NorCal Sharks - giving their cheer...Matthew is number 22...you can kind of make him out on the lower right hand of the pile.

 ...and that is basically all we did the whole weekend. Even Sunday, when we had 5 hours between the end of the Semi-Finals and the time we had to be at the airport - we didn't do any more than eat lunch at the nearest Olive Garden and then hang out in the hotel lobby so that the boys could get caught up on their homework before getting on the airplane. During the weekend, Matthew and I shared a car with another hockeymom and son. It is fun to travel with another mom/son combo on these weekends.


Oh yea...during the last game, the semi-finals, Matthew not only scored the first goal of the game but also blocked a shot with his hand...which resulted in a minor injury. Either the ring-finger on his left hand has a little fracture or just a major broken blood vessel...but it is slightly swollen and turned a beautiful shade of purple. With a nurse on the team, she helped put our mind to ease with her recommendation of pain killer and lots of ice for there really isn't anything to do for a broken finger. While initially, there was lots of tears when he came out of the locker room, after an hour with ice he was able to move it without any pain; so we just kept ice on it throughout the day and on the plane ride home.

His coach was very proud of his "Purple Finger" for he was the only one who was blocking shots during the semi-finals and seemed to be one of the few awake and mentally present to play.


I was able to find moments to get some X's made on my Family Sampler - time hanging out at the rink before game time and at the airport waiting for the plane. I will get my camera and get a snapper to show you the next time I post.


Now back home, I spent yesterday basically catching up at work, home, laundry. We finally got the boys' spring/summer hockey clinic schedule figured out, which was one of my big stressors. We have a little breather for a month with only their school, track schedule and Robert (older son) spring hockey team practices to deal with leaving the big hockey clinic committment for later in May when all track is over.

With that decision made, I just have to keep focused on the trade show I am organizing for my job; as well as helping out at *The Store* during the two big holidays coming up: Easter and Mother's Day! Don't forget to order your fruit centerpiece for your Easter brunch and a special healthy surprise for your Mother :)

Well...I have kept you long enough. I hope all is well with you! Until next time,

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


valerie said...

Sounds like Matthew had a good time at the tournament despite the loss and the hurt finger. Getting into the semi-finals is a huge accomplishment. Congrats to him! Hope you are taking some time for yourself during this hectic time. I still don't know how you manage it all! :)

Angela P said...

I hope Matthew's finger heals quickly but what a great accomplishment getting into the semi finals! Yahoo!