Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Friday..."spring" vacation is winding down, but was it really here?

Thank you all for the well wishes on our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Not much in the way of celebration happened around here - at one time we did have some ideas of how we wanted to spend the day, but between the boys' spring break track practice schedule, employee problems at the store...we basically gave up a grand plan and just had a typical day in the household.

While DH did make a comment about how sad that was - that he was at *The Store* and I was running the boys around know what, this is our life, this is what we have made of it and DH & I look at it and smile. We have two wonderful, healthy boys who keep our life "jumping". DH & I have a great relationship, partnership, friendship...soul mates. Nevertheless, we did make time to enjoy a good Sushi meal at one of our favorite restaurants called Sozo Sushi and then we all were home in the evening sitting together on the couch (boy this couch has either gotten smaller or some of us have grown) watching a new episode of Swamp People (a show on the History channel about families who live on the Louisanna Bayous who make a living hunting alligators...don't ask, for some reason this has become our favorite show of late).

We are getting to the tail end of the boys' spring vacation. Today, the boys are going to their doctor to have their annual physical & to receive their whooping cough vaccination (something that just has become required for enrollment next year at least in our school district due to the numbers of cases in the Northern California area). It will be nice to get this off the "to do" list. The appointment is in the morning, which leaves the rest of the afternoon free. We will see what gets planned for the rest of the day.

In the meantime, my friends...thanks again for all the wishes and comments. Until next time,

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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Rachel said...

We also love watching Swamp People. Its another form of people watching and most of the time not so embarrassing as say Ax Men is becoming (cant stand the Jimmy and James drama).

There is a new series we are watching from Spike, Coal - about coal miners in WV. Its pretty interesting.