Monday, April 11, 2011

From spring vacation right into a pail of STRESS

Our sense of inner peace is usually going to be quite weak, maybe even temporarily absent, during those times when we are feeling most resentful and unforgiving of others. But the very good news is that it will grow stronger, or perhaps return to us in spades, as we make some effort, even a modest, conflicted, and hesitant one, to accept and forgive someone a little more fully. ` Gary Egeberg

My inner peace is a little weak as spring break comes to an end and my stomach is doing flip-flops as I look at the week ahead...the month ahead...
  • the kids go back to school and the routine starts up again...
  • preparations for another weekend of travel for a hockey tournament, this time in Chicago this weekend...
  • registration for the spring and summer hockey clinics begin. Starting next week 4 nights of evening hockey practices to organize into the schedule.
  • Easter and Mother's Day holidays approach causing the stress of getting organized for business at *The Store*
  • Organizing for a trade show the end of May for my job
And then, of course, it didn't help to open up my emails this morning to find one from Robert's high school track coach. He wanted to let DH & I know that he received Robert's email about being late to practice this afternoon because of an ortho appointment and then having to miss a Wednesday's meet due to spring hockey team tryouts. The coach let DH & I know that he has a policy of cutting kids who cut meets especially when it comes to trying out for other sporting teams.

I guess this type of message was due for us, as we have been treating school sports as a secondary sport that gets pushed to the wayside when a hockey event comes up. We do preach team committment - making sure that the boys are present mentally and physically for all hockey practices on & off the ice and any games. The same should apply to school sports...I know, I know. It would be so easy right now to reply to the coach: "fine, we understand" and then just make the decision that Robert's track season is over for the year...but then there is always next year. If we bail now during his Freshman year, he will have the stigma of not finishing out a season for any high school sport (he tried wrestling this year...there were just too many conflicts with hockey - learned that it wasn't good to do another sport during the season...only after) and that wouldn't be good. So, I will see what I can do in order for Robert to participate in the track meet and also make tryouts.

I know that something will work out, I just need to muddle my way thru the mud to get to the other side...anyone have a pair of rubber boots I can borrow?

Spring break, while we didn't do anything out of the ordinary....the boys had track practice, DH went to *The Store* and I went to work Monday-Wednesday...we acknowledged our 20th wedding anniversary with a family meal out on Thursday evening and even enjoyed a family meal of grilled burgers and steaks on Friday was still restful and relaxing. I got to sleep in a little, add some stitches to Family Sampler and spend quality time with the boys. All good things!

Well, thank you for visiting on this Monday morning/afternoon/evening. As always, I appreciate the time you make to visit and read. Hope all is well with you and your family! Until next time, remember to...

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch Often!

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valerie said...

Hang in there. Sounds like you have a lot going on!