Friday, May 14, 2010

"Live Simply" took a complex trip

I heard from Kathy, my L*K exchange partner, and she received the L*K exchange I stitched, finished and mailed to her. It was definitely a fun pattern to stitch and finish, especially since the colors were so "cool". I stitched this on 28ct evenweave, basically using the colors listed. I finished it as a pinkeep with some fun green and orange ribbon I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics.
This exchange definitely had an adventure getting to Kathy...first, I was a little late mailing it. I took it to our post office near the house which had one of those 24/7 post machines which weighs your package, determines the amount of postage you will need and then allows you to purchase the label. Well, it was wrong in the amont of postage it told me I needed because after mailing it on May 3, it arrived at my house on May 6th with a sticker noting that 34cents more was needed. So I added a stamp to it and put it back in the mailbox. Then, in Kathy's email, I just found out that I didn't quite put the right address on the package...but thankfully Kathy's SIL is the mailperson and made sure that the package got delivered. Ugh - thank goodness the mail gods were looking down and helped out :) 

Hope you all are having a good Friday...I took my normal Friday off and got some housework done as well as just caught up on a few things before the weekend really got off to a start. After school, Matthew (younger son who is finishing up 5th grade) is going to take a 7th grade math assessment test. He took the 6th grade one and did very well - thus qualifying for 6th grade honors math next year; but they wanted to see how he would do on the 7th grade one. So we will see-we told him not to stress over it especially since he hasn't been exposed to many of the 7th grade math concepts...he told me that he is just going to take it for "fun...because math is cool and fun, mom".  Thought he had a good attitude!

This evening, Robert (older son who is finishing up 8th grade) is attending the special 8th grade dance tonight. Supposively he asked a girl to the dance...but you really don't "go to" the dance together, you just "meet at" the dance. So, since I will not see the girl he asked (via texting) I was privileged to find out her name and allowed to look her up in last year's yearbook. She is very cute...and I guess I approve :) I guess this is how it all starts, right?

This weekend brings hockey clinics and tryouts (for spring tournament teams) and I leave on Sunday evening for Seattle for a business trip, which I am looking forward to! So, that is about all right now. Hope you have a great weekend and remember:

Live, Love, Laugh and Stitch often!


valerie said...

Cute pinkeep! I have this pattern. Need to stitch it up one day. Have fun in Seattle! It's my next favroite city.

Kathy A. said...

Oh what fun mailing packages can be at times. I wonder if the post office has a plan to drive us all crazy. Glad the lovely pinkeep arrived at it's destination finally.
Have a great trip to Seattle.

Daffycat said...

Mailing things can be rather scary sometimes! This is such a lovely pinkeep! I am so happy it didn't go astray!

Kathy said...

And I am so glad it made it to me too. I love it.

Thanks for a fabulous LK exchange.