Saturday, May 15, 2010

Season Exchange arrives at partner's house :)

I heard from Lynn this afternoon as she received the "spring" Seasonal Exchange I stitched/finished and sent to her. I stitched L*K Spring Basket Sampler on 28ct evenweave - using most of the colors called for and substituting similar colors when I didn't have the exact color in my stash. This exchange was the other one I was a little late getting into the mail...and it too didn't have enough postage the first time, so after coming back to my house and having to be resent it finally arrived where it was suppose to. Thank goodness!
So, the 2 exchanges with the May 1 mail date have been received of an hour ago, I finished stitching the ornament for the Ornament Swap. This month we all are to make and send Lori an ornament. The stitching is all complete and when I get back home from my business trip in Seattle, I will finish it and get it in the mail to her (and will post a photo as soon as it is received).

Since all exchange stitching is complete for a while, I have pulled Mary Wigham back out of hibernation...attached her to the Q-snaps and will continue stitching on her. Because I leave tomorrow for Seattle, I wanted to make sure to get her all ready to travel - even though this is a business trip, I will have some down time and look forward to relaxing & stitching.

Aside from being productive with stitching projects, I was able to get out and mow the lawn and clean out the flower bed. It was a beautiful day to be outdoors - but with the pollen count still being high, not everyone in the family could come out and enjoy it. Matthew (younger son) was hit by the allergy bug again causing his nose and chest to get stuffy. I guess we just have to continue with the OTC allergy med and mucinex to keep him comfortable. Poor kid.

Oh, Yea...Last night was the 8th grade dance. The report from Robert was..."it was boring. All you do at the dance was dance and talk." LOL...I am not sure what he was expecting - but it didn't live up to his expectations I guess. I did find out that he danced a slow dance with the young lady he was "meeting at the dance." But I didn't find out any more than that. All in was probably a success even though it was not as fun as playing hockey :)

Well that is about all from here on this Saturday evening. DH and Robert are at the rink, for he had a clinic and a tryout (for a tournament team going to Minnesota next month). Hope your weekend is going well...remember,
Live, Love, Laugh and stitch often!


corinna said...

great exchange

maybe they could have the 8th grade dance at the hockey rink next time ;-)

Elaine said...

Lovely exchanges pieces!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely lovely exchanges!